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There are two cemeteries in Harpellville, Guysborough Co.
In 1965, the first cemetery was started by the family
of Asa Harpell on their property, solely for their family.
The second Harpellville Cemetery was started in 1976
by the family of Wilfred Harpell,
who wanted to be buried close to home.
They had the cemetery blessed by the Baptist Minister.
This cemetery has been available to any of the people
of Harpellville and their families to be buried there.
Above information from Rev. Ralph Harpell.


1st Cemetery in Harpellville

HARPELL Asa Livingstone Obituary for Asa L. Harpell
1893 - 1965
his wife Rhoda Frances Obituary for Rhoda Frances Harpell
1913 -

Son: Stanley Ernest Obituary for Stanley Harpell
d: Apr. 1, 2006


2nd Cemetery in Harpellville

GAGNON, J.E. Raymond Gagnon headstone Obituary 
for Joseph Eugene Raymond Gagnon
1934 - 1993
his wife Joy P. (Harpell)
1941 -
Sons Stephen & Ross

HARPELL, Spencer Harpell headstone Obituary for Spencer Harpell
May 12, 1895 - Mar 12, 1979

HARPELL, Wilfred Livingston Harpell headstone Obituary for Wilfred L. Harpell
Aug 1, 1914 - Sep 30, 1976

HARPELL, Brenton Harpell headstone Obituary for Brenton Harpell
April 5, 1943 - Feb. 16, 1995

HARPELL, Austin Pleman Harpell headstone Obituary for Austin Harpell
1917 - 1984

HARPEL, Mervin R. Harpell headstone
1952 - 1993

CLEVELAND, Lewis Scott Cleveland headstone Obituary 
for Lewis Scott Cleveland
1927 - 1998

PYE, Wallace James Pye headstone Obituary 
for Wallace James Pye
Aug. 21, 1947 - Aug. 9, 1998
Wife Maisie I.
Jan. 16, 1956 -
Our children
Davey, Suanne, Lanny, Larry, Audrey

PROCTOR, Gordon H. Proctor headstone
June 8, 1931 - Mar. 21, 2000

Harpell, Malcolm Laurie Harpell headstone Obituary for Malcolm Laurie Harpell Obituary for Malcolm
Feb. 23, 1932 - Dec. 19, 2003
Myrtle "Street" Obituary for Myrtle Harpell
Aug. 1, 1930 - May 7, 2003

Harpell, Frank Graham Harpell headstone
May 17, 1933 -
Mary Elizabeth Obituary for Mary Elizabeth Harpell
July 31, 1937 - June 5, 2005

Harpell, Howard Aubrey Harpell headstoneObituary for Howard Harpell
Jan. 21, 1961 - July 7, 2002


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