Located on the Old Middletown Road in Manchester, N.S.

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Many thanks for this listing, done by Ted Sceles, summer 2005.
The cemetery is getting overgrown with bushes,
and the road leading to it is no longer maintained
by the Highways Dept.
It is likely the location of this Cemetery
will soon be forgotton by most people.

The pictures were taken for the Guysborough Historical Society
by summer student Julia Reddy
July, 2010

Photograph of Cemetery Sign Camera

Photo of Headstone: Picture, Obituary: Obituary, No Headstone Found: No Headstone Found.


Irad W. Myers Headstone - Myers
Catherine A.

Charles W. Hart Headstone - Hart
Elizabeth Myers
Wife of Charles Hart
Died April 21, 1926
Aged 85 Years

Mary G.
Died April 5, 1883
Aged 6 Years
Lizzie M.
Died April 10, 1883
Aged 4 Years
Charles E.
Died April 14, 1883
Aged 8 Yrs
Died July 31, 1894
Aged 6 Years
William I.
Died Aug 14, 1895
Aged 22 Yrs
Children of Chas W. & Elizabeth Hart Headstone - Hart

Annie M. Hart Headstone - Hart
Died Jan 12, 1902
Aged 17 Yrs
George W. Hart
Died Oct 19, 1915
Aged 33 Yrs

In Memory of Headstone - Henderson
Tyrus Henderson
Born Sept 10, 1830
Died Mar 2, 1883
His Wife
Margaret Henderson
Born Oct 14, 1832
Died Feb. 15, 1907

In Memory of
John L. Myers Headstone - Myers
Oct 10, 1901
May 8, 1923
Willie R. Headstone - Myers
Oct 10, 1901
May 15, 1902

In Memory of Headstone - Myers
John J. Myers
Margaret Cresine

James A. Myers Headstone - Myers

In Memory of
Charles Myers Headstone - Myers
Died Jan 31, 1892
Aged 90 Years

In Loving Memory of
Bridget Headstone - Myers
Wife of Charles Myers
Died Oct 1, 1885
Aged 77 Years

There is also a white stone with engraving barely legible. Headstone - Hart
It appears to be a name beginning with H
There is a foot marker on the same plot with the initials L. H.

From information received from Ardella MacPhee,
it is believed this stone is for Josiah Hart and his wife Lydia. Headstone - HartHeadstone - HartHeadstone - Hart
She bases the information on an article by John A. Morrison on the Harts,
where he writes that Joshua (which is the same as Josiah)
and his wife are buried in the old Myers Cemetery.
At the time of writing April 21, 1939
he states that "If you visit the little Myers burying ground in Manchester,
you will find the modest tombstones erected to memory of Joshua Hart and wife
and Charles Myers and wife, with one fencing around the four graves".


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