North Intervale, Guysborough County, N.S.

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This listing was done by Maureen Brown.

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MacKay, Alexander D.
1860 - 1950

Alexander Daniel MacKay's first wife
Isabel Jennet Stevens (MacKay)
d: March 30th, 1906
buried in this cemetery
Information from Patti Grady

Torey, Lilla M.
1872 - 1950

MacKay, Jennie M.
1892 - June 22, 1907

MacKay, Robert
1822 - 1916

MacKay, Ruth Scott

Leet, Lewis Charles
Aug. 12, 1898 - Dec. 8, 1989
Wife Harriett Lozina (Ehler)
Nov. 4, 1898 - Aug. 21, 1943

Maney, Alexander
d: Aug. 4, 1904 - 92 years
Wife Sophia
d: Mar. 6, 1915 - 88 years

There are numerous unmarked stones.

The following information was submitted by Patti Grady:
Alexander Daniel MacKay's first wife
Isabell Jennett MacKay (McKay)
d: March 30th,1906
and is buried in this cemetery

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