Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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åat, on, toSwedish
AbactorCattle thiefUK Occupation
AbigailLady's maidUK Occupation
åbotenant farmer with conditional, inherited leaseSwedish
AbscessFormation of pus in any part of the body, caused by infectionScot.Dise 1855
abstractA summary of a particular record or document; usually contains only the most important information from the original document; may be used instead of original documents in genealogical researchColonial Diseases
AcaterSupplied food, provisions, e.g. Ship's Chandler. French - Achateur (buyer)UK Occupation
AccipitaryFalconerUK Occupation
AccomptantAccountantUK Occupation
AccoucheurAssisted women in childbirth (midwife)UK Occupation
Accoutrement Maker / AccoutreSupplier or maker of Military Clothing and AccessoriesUK Occupation
Ackerman/AcremanPloughman or OxherdUK Occupation
AcreSee measurements.General
Acta de defunciónDeath recordSpanish
Acta de matrimonioMarriage recordSpanish
Acta de nacimientoBirth recordSpanish
acte de décèsDeath recordFrench
acte de mariageMarriage recordFrench
acte de naissanBirth recordFrench
ActuaryAccountant - public business account keeperUK Occupation
administrationManagement and settlement of an estateColonial Diseases
AdministratorCourt appointee who settled affairs of the estate of the deceasedUK Occupation
AdministratrixA female administrator.General
Advertisement ConveyancerSandwich Board ManUK Occupation
Advocate DeputeScottish Law Officer - Public ProsecutorUK Occupation
AdvocateA barrister, a lawyer acting in a Law CourtScot.Occup
AdvoweeUsually a Nobleman who had the right to present a clergyman to a beneficeUK Occupation
AeronautBalloonist or Trapeze Artist in circus or Music HallUK Occupation
Affeeror / AssessorAlso Assessor. Manorial Court Official - assessed monetary penalties & collected taxes & duesUK Occupation
AffidavitA statement in writing, sworn to before proper authority.General
Ag. LabAgricultural labourerScot.Occup
AGThe International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, internationally recognized as ICAPGenSM, administers the Accreditation Program. The Accreditation Program was established in 1964 by the Genealogical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2000, the administration and ownership was transferred to ICAPGen. The Accreditation Program has been serving the public for over forty years. We invite you to visit our website,, to learn more about the program, and we would appreciate it if you would link the AG and Accredited Genealogist designations to our website.Colonial Diseases
AgisterOfficial of Royal Forests. In the New Forest, In charge of the poniesUK Occupation
ägorland, propertySwedish
AGRAAssociation of Genealogists and Record Agents, Hon. Secretary, 31 Alexandra Grove, London N12 8HE, England. A formal genealogical body recognizing professional genealogists with extensive experience and who are recommended by their peers.Colonial Diseases
AgueMalarial FeverMedical
ahnetafalA numbering system used to identify each individual in a family tree. The formula states that an individual's father is twice that individual's number, and that an individual's mother is twice that individual's number plus one. If your Ahnentafel number is 1, your father's is 2, and your mother's is 3. From the German Ahnen meaning ancestor, and Tafel, table or list.Colonial Diseases
ALAAAssociate Australian Library & Information AssociationColonial Diseases
AlabastererWorked with Alabaster!UK Occupation
AlblastereCrossbowmanUK Occupation
AlchemistMedieval Chemist, claiming ability to make gold from base metalUK Occupation
ålderdomold ageSwedish
AldermanSenior Councillor immediately below Mayor in local Councils. (Still extant today.)UK Occupation
äldreolder, elderSwedish
äldsteoldest, eldest, elderSwedish
Ale DraperSeller of AleUK Occupation
Ale TunnerFilled the Ale casks (tuns) in BreweriesUK Occupation
Ale-Conner / Ale FounderOfficial who tested quality and measure served in Public Houses. (Pubs)UK Occupation
AlewifeWoman who kept an Alehouse or TavernUK Occupation
All SpiceA GrocerUK Occupation
alla, alltallSwedish
Almanac ManOfficial of the Court of Sewers – warned of abnormally high tides in the Trent River areaUK Occupation
Almoner1) In charge of an Almshouse. 2) Giver of charity to the needy 3) Hospital employee who assists patients with personal matters arising from their stay in hospitalUK Occupation
AlmsmanReceiver of AlmsUK Occupation
Alnager / AulnagerOfficial - examined quality of woolen goods & stamped them with the town seal of approvalUK Occupation
AmanuensisSecretary or stenographerUK Occupation
ambarnnursing childSwedish
Amber CutterCut and polished Ambergris for jewelleryUK Occupation
AmblerOfficer of the Royal Stables who broke in the horsesUK Occupation
Amen ManParish ClerkUK Occupation
American plagueYellow feverMedical
American revolutionU.S. war for independence from Great Britain 1775 -1783.General
AnasarcaGeneralized massive edema. Widespread swelling of the skin, often caused by heart or kidney failureMedical
AncestorAny person from whom another person is directly descended, for example, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on.Genealogy
Ancestral FileA computerized file of individual and family records, created from records and pedigree charts submitted to the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1979. The purpose of the Ancestral File is to help people coordinate their research.Colonial Diseases
ancestralOf or inherited from an ancestor or ancestorsColonial Diseases
ancestry1. Family descent or lineage 2. Ancestors collectivelyColonial Diseases
Anchor SmithMade AnchorsUK Occupation
AnchoressFemale hermit or religious recluseUK Occupation
AnchoriteMale hermit or religious recluseUK Occupation
andrasecond, othersSwedish
andtäppashortness of breath, asthmaSwedish
AneurismAbnormal widening of an arteryScot.Dise 1855
angivengiven, statedSwedish
Angle SmithA blacksmith skilled in forging angle irons, beams, etc., into various forms used in shipbuildingUK Occupation
AnilepmanSmallholder - tenant of the ManorUK Occupation
änkeman, änklingwidowerSwedish
Ankle BeaterYoung person who helped to drive cattle to marketUK Occupation
ankomcame, arrivedSwedish
anmärkningarremarks, annotationsSwedish
Annatto MakerMade dyes for paint or printing tradesUK Occupation
AnnealerProcessed metal or glass by furnace-heating and immersion in chemical bathsScot.Occup
Anno Domini (A.D.)in the year of our LordLatin
ännuyet, stillSwedish
AnnuitantReceiver of an Annuity - An annuity is income paid to a beneficiary at regular intervals, for a fixed period or ascertainable period (usually the lifetime of a nominee) in return for a lump sum payment having been previously made into the scheme by a subscriber - i.e. a spouse, benefactor or employer. Non-working person receiving an annual income or pension.UK Occupation
antavlapedigree chartSwedish
AnteLatin prefix meaning before, such as in ante-bellum South, 'The South before the war'General
anteckningnote, annotation, remarkSwedish
Antigropelos MakerMade waterproof leggingsUK Occupation
Anvil SmithMaker of anvils and hammers for the smithy tradeUK Occupation
Aortic aneurismWidening of the main abdominal artery often leading to ruptureScot.Dise 1855
APGAssociation of Professional Genealogists, P.O. Box 40393, Denver, CO 80204-0393, USA. APG members promote genealogy as a profession and encourage professionalism in genealogy. They also conduct research or serve in related fields such as librarians, archivists, writers, editors, consultants, indexers, instructors, lecturers, booksellers, publishers, computer specialists and geneticists.Colonial Diseases
AphthaThe infant disease 'thrush'. Painful ulceration in the mouthMedical
ApiarianBeekeeperUK Occupation
ApoplexyParalysis due to strokeMedical
ApothecaryPrepared and sold medicines and drugs. PharmacistUK Occupation
ApparitorOfficial who summoned witnesses to the ecclesiastical courtsUK Occupation
ApposerExaminer; officer of the Court of ExchequerUK Occupation
apprentice1. One bound by indenture to serve another for a prescribed period with a view to learning an art or trade. 2. One who is learning by practical experience under skilled workers a trade, art, or callingColonial Diseases
AppurtenanceThat which belongs to something else such as a building,orchard, right of way, etc.General
AproneerTerm used in London for a ShopkeeperUK Occupation
ApronmanEngineer or mechanicUK Occupation
Aquarius EwarWatermanUK Occupation
Aquavita SellerSeller of AlcoholUK Occupation
ärare, is, amSwedish
arbetareworker, laborerSwedish
ArbiterArbitrated in disputesUK Occupation
ArchiatorPhysicianUK Occupation
Archil MakerMade a purple dye from lichens - used in the textile industryUK Occupation
ArchivesRecords of a government, organization, institution; the placewhere records are stored.General
ArgentierController of finances, a treasurerScot.Occup
ArkwrightSkilled craftsman making 'Arks' (wooden chests or coffers)UK Occupation
årligannual, yearlySwedish
ArmigerSquire who carried a Knight's armour. Entitled to bear heraldic armsUK Occupation
ArmourerMade armour for wear or for buildings, ships etc. and now used to include armaments generallyUK Occupation
Army H.PSoldier on half payScot.Occup
arrendatortenant farmer, leaseholderSwedish
ArrowsmithForged arrowheadsUK Occupation
Arterio-sclerosisFatty deposits accumulating on the walls of the arteries forming plaques (atheromas)Scot.Dise 1855
ArtificerA military mechanic who does repairsUK Occupation
ArtisanOne who is employed in any of the industrial arts; a mechanic, handicraftsman, artificer.UK Occupation
arton(de)eighteen (eighteenth)Swedish
arvskiftedistribution of an inherited estateSwedish
ascendantAncestorColonial Diseases
AscitesExcess fluid in the space between the abdomen and abdominal organsScot.Dise 1855
AshmanDustman - today called a 'Cleansing Operative/Engineer' !!UK Occupation
AsphyxiaCyanotic and lack of oxygenMedical
Assay MasterDetermined the amount of gold or silver in coinsUK Occupation
AssayerDetermined the proportions of minerals in oreUK Occupation
AssisorScottish jurorUK Occupation
AssizorA jurorScot.Occup
AstheniaLoss of body strength, debilityScot.Dise 1855
AtherosclerosisAs for arterio-sclerosis (qv)Scot.Dise 1855
AtrophyA wasting away of tissue, for example atrophy of the liverScot.Dise 1855
attthat (for example: know that he died)Swedish
AttestTo affirm; to certify by signature or oath.General
åttio(nde)eighty (eightieth)Swedish
Atto di nascitaBirth recordItalian
Auger MakerMade carpenters' augers, used for boring holes in woodUK Occupation
AulnagerSee AlnagerUK Occupation
AurifaberGoldsmithUK Occupation
Avenator (Plantifene)Hay and forage MerchantUK Occupation
avgått med dödendied (departed through death)Swedish
avlidendeceased, deathSwedish
AvowryLord of the ManorUK Occupation
avskedaddischarged, resignedSwedish
avsomnadie, deathSwedish
avvittringassignment of an inheritance to children of first marriageSwedish
Axel Tree Maker / TurnerMade axles for coaches and wagonsUK Occupation
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