Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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Back TenterEmployed at the back of the weaving looms, clearing away debris. Tenting was a term for watching items or a process. Small children were commonly employed in this dangerous job as they were small enough to work underneath the working loom machinery.UK Occupation
Back WasherCleaned wool in worsted manufactureUK Occupation
Back-BoyKitchen servant - from Back House BoyUK Occupation
BackmakerMade 'Backs' - vats, tubs - a CooperUK Occupation
Backsmann / Backster / Beck / BeckerBakerUK Occupation
backstugusittareone who owned a small cottage, dugout dwellerSwedish
Bad BloodSyphilisMedical
Badger1) Licensed pauper - wore a badge with 'P' on it and was restricted to working a defined area (origin of 'Badgering') 2) Corn Miller or Dealer 3) Itinerant food traderUK Occupation
Badgy FiddlerMilitary boy trumpeterUK Occupation
Bag StitchersIn the Cheshire salt industry, Usually women, who closed the tops of filled bags of coarse salt ready for transport.UK Occupation
bägges barnchild of both parentsSwedish
BagmanTravelling salesmanUK Occupation
BagniokeeperKeeper of a bathhouse or brothel. (From French, baigner, to bathe)UK Occupation
Bailie / Bailie / Baillee / BailiffBailiff - Sheriff's Officer, land steward acting for the landowner/landlord. In Scotland, a magistrate of the Burgh - also looked after fishing rights on some riversUK Occupation
BailieMagistrate in a Scottish burghScot.Occup
BailiffGuard of fishing rights on a riverScot.Occup
Bairman / BaremanPauper or beggarUK Occupation
Bal MaidenFemale mine worker employed on the surface (Pit Brow Lass)UK Occupation
BalancerEmployed in coal mines to operate a system of hauling coal tubs (Balance)UK Occupation
Baler1) Baled hay 2) In the mills, one who baled wool or cotton goodsUK Occupation
BalisterArcher. Most commonly, a crossbowmanUK Occupation
Ballad MongerStreet seller of printed ballad sheetsUK Occupation
Ballard MasterIn charge of ballasting vesselsUK Occupation
Ballast HeaverLoaded ballast in ships - commonly stone. Necessary when ships were not carrying cargoUK Occupation
Baller / Baller UpPotter's assistant - measuring out the balls of clay. Also see Cotton BallerUK Occupation
Balloon Blower (India)Made rubber balloons - (rubber was known as India rubber)UK Occupation
Band FilerMetalworker in gun makingUK Occupation
BandsmanWorked on the ropes and pulleys (bands) in coal pit hoisting arrangementsUK Occupation
BandsmithMade the bands for barrelsUK Occupation
BandsterBound wheat sheaves after harvestingUK Occupation
banesårdeath wound, mortal woundSwedish
baneslagdeath blow, mortal strokeSwedish
Bang BeggarParish Officer who controlled how long strangers could stay in the ParishUK Occupation
Banker1) Dug drainage trenches/ditches, banking up the diggings along the edges. 2) General surface worker in coal mining. More Info.UK Occupation
Banksman / Bank Manager / BrowmanIn charge of the cages at mine pitheads - sometimes known as a Bank Manager. More Info.UK Occupation
BanksmanMine worker at pithead unloading coal from the cagesScot.Occup
bannato scold, chide, reprehend, reproveSwedish
bannlysato excommunicateSwedish
bannsSee marriage bannsColonial Diseases
baptismThe ceremony or sacrament of admitting a person into Christianity or a specific Christian church by dipping the person in water or pouring or sprinkling water on them;Colonial Diseases
baptismal certificateA formal document normally kept by a church of baptisms that occurred in their congregation. It typically contains the names of the individuals baptized, the date of baptism, where it took place, the clergyman's name, and possibly the names of sponsors and place of residence.Colonial Diseases
bar barnetcarried or held the child (at baptism font)Swedish
Barber, Barber/SurgeonCut hair and also a surgeon. In the 18th Century, an Act was passed, limiting Barbers to hair cutting, shaving, dentistry and bloodlettingUK Occupation
BardPoet, Minstrel or story-tellerScot.Occup
BaremanBeggar or PauperUK Occupation
Bargee / BargemanOwned or worked on canal bargesUK Occupation
Barilla ManufacturerMade Banilla, obtained from burning saltwort, the resulting sodium salt used in glass & ceramicsUK Occupation
BarkeeperTollkeeper - on toll roadsUK Occupation
Barker / Barkman1) Tanner of leather using tree bark 2) Fairground cryerUK Occupation
Barleyman / BylawmanManorial Court official who enforced the court ordersUK Occupation
Barm BrewerMade yeastUK Occupation
BarmasterLead Mine arbiter. In charge of the standard measure for the lead oreUK Occupation
barnbokpreconfirmation roll (in Finland)Swedish
barnmördaremurderer of a childSwedish
barnpigamaid for childrenSwedish
barnsängsfeberperpetual complications or sickness at birthSwedish
barnsbörd, barnsängchildbirthSwedish
barnsjukachildren's diseaseSwedish
barnsnödcomplication at childbirthSwedish
Baron OfficerAlso known as Barony officer, employed to uphold the law within the Barony (District)Scot.Occup
Barrel FilerEmployed in gun makingUK Occupation
Barrow ManPushed barrows of coal from pit face to the shaftUK Occupation
Bartoner / BartonIn charge of a monastery farm or bartonUK Occupation
base-bornSee illegitimateColonial Diseases
Basil WorkerWorked with skins of sheep and goatsUK Occupation
Basketman1) Make wicker baskets & furniture 2) Emptied coal baskets into bargesUK Occupation
Bass / Bast DresserDressed fibre for mattingUK Occupation
bastardSee illegitimateColonial Diseases
Bath moulderIron foundry worker making moulds for cast iron bathsScot.Occup
Bathing Machine ProprietorOwned and hired out changing huts used by bathers at the seasideUK Occupation
BathsmasterManager at a town swimming pool or 'baths'Scot.Occup
BatmanArmy officers' servant - still currentUK Occupation
båtsmanseaman, sailorSwedish
Batt MakerMade the wadding (batts) used in quilt and mattress makingUK Occupation
Battledore MakerMade the wicker beaters used on clothes & carpets to beat out the dust. Later made the paddles used in early washing machinesUK Occupation
BauerA FarmerUK Occupation
Baven MakerMade bavens - split and curled wood pieces used for kindlingUK Occupation
BaxterBakerUK Occupation
BayweaverWove 'Bay'(baize) a fine woollen felt like fabricUK Occupation
BCGBoard for Certification of Genealogists, P.O. Box 14291, Washington, DC 20044 (USA and international). Genealogists certified by the BCG must renew their certification every five years, through a renewal examination process.Colonial Diseases
Bead PiercerMade the holes in bead makingUK Occupation
Beadle / Bedel / BedellTown crier and parish officer who kept orderUK Occupation
BeadleParish official employed in church to usher and keep order.Scot.Occup
Beadman / Beadsman / Bedesman1) Manorial tenant employed for a specific purpose 2) Inhabitant of a Poorhouse, Almshouse or Hospital 3) Employed to pray for his employerUK Occupation
BeadmanLicensed beggarScot.Occup
BeamerDrew the warp yarn through and onto the long heavy beam of a loom for weaving textilesUK Occupation
BearerCarried coal to the pit shaft and placed it in containers for lifting to the surfaceUK Occupation
Beater / FullerCleaned and thickened cloth by treading it in water with Fuller's EarthUK Occupation
BeatermanManaged the Hollander Beater (invented in the 16th century in Holland) in a paper mill. A beater beats and crushes raw material, bruising and driving water inside the fibresUK Occupation
BeatsterMade or mended drift nets used in fishingUK Occupation
BeaverMade felt for hat makingUK Occupation
BedeswomanAn alms woman, licensed beggarScot.Occup
BedmanSextonUK Occupation
BedralMinor Scottish church officialUK Occupation
BedwevereMade webbing for bed frames and also wove quiltsUK Occupation
Beer SellerSold Beer and Cider in Beerhouses under the 1830 Beerhouse Act. More InfoUK Occupation
Beeskep MakerMade beehivesUK Occupation
BeetlerOperated the Beetling Machine, used for embossing textiles. The Beetling Machine was also used to give a Shiny effect to cloth as the pressure of the wooden rollers during the squeezing (mangling) of the Cotton Cloth added lustreUK Occupation
begått H(errens) H(eliga) Nattvardtaken the Lord\'s Holy CommunionSwedish
begravningslängdburial recordSwedish
BeildsmanLicensed beggarScot.Occup
BelhosteTavern keeperUK Occupation
Bell HangerHung bells in church towersUK Occupation
Belleyetere / Belter / BilliterBellfounder - bell makerUK Occupation
Bellman1) Watchman or town crier 2) Worked for the Post Office, collecting mail by walking the streets ringing a bell Coaches then transported the mailUK Occupation
BellowfarmerMaintained the church organ (which was bellows operated)UK Occupation
Belly BuilderBuilt and fitted piano bellies or interiorsUK Occupation
Belly RollerOperated a machine which rolled and compacted fibres on the belly of cattle hidesUK Occupation
BeltmanChanged and maintained the drive belts used in factory machineryUK Occupation
BenchmanIn chairmaking, cut out the seat portion. A shoemaker benchman cut the leather for boots and shoes. Also leather cutter for chairs.UK Occupation
Bender1) Leather cutter 2) Bent wooden chair partsUK Occupation
BeneficiaryOne who receives benefit of trust or property.General
benrötabone-rotting diseaseSwedish
BequeathTo give personal property to a person in a will. Noun --bequest.General
bequestLegacy; usually a gift of real estate by willColonial Diseases
berghill, mountainSwedish
bergfolkmountain people, highlandersSwedish
bergslagmining districtSwedish
Berlin blackerApplied a dull black varnish as a coating for ironware productsScot.Occup
besökarecustoms official (archaic), visitor (modern)Swedish
Besom MakerBroom maker, usually of birch twigsUK Occupation
BesswardenAppointed by a parish to look after its animalsUK Occupation
betjäntservant, civil servantSwedish
beviscertificate, proof, evidenceSwedish
bevistat läsförhörenpresent at household examination (clerical survey)Swedish
BiddyFemale servant - usually IrishUK Occupation
bilagasupplement, enclosureSwedish
Bilious feverTyphoid, malaria, hepatitis or elevated temperature and bile emesisMedical
BiliousnessJaundice associated with liver diseaseMedical
Bill PosterAs today, put up notices, signs and postersUK Occupation
Billier / BillymanOperated a Billy Roller, used to prepare cotton for spinningUK Occupation
BinderBound books, hats etc.UK Occupation
biographerThe author of a biographyColonial Diseases
biographyThe history of an person's lifeColonial Diseases
Bird BoyScared away birds from cropsUK Occupation
Bird CatcherCaught birds for saleUK Occupation
BirlymanScottish ground officer or parish arbiterUK Occupation
birth certificateA formal document normally issued by a government body responsible for the registration of vital statistics within a particular jurisdictionColonial Diseases
BirthThe moment a person is born.Genealogy
Black BordererMade black edged funerary stationeryUK Occupation
Black feverAcute infection with high temperature and dark red skin lesions and high mortality rateMedical
Black plague or deathBubonic plagueMedical
Black poxBlack Small poxMedical
Black SaddlerMaker of cart and carriage saddlery and harness, and generally work with black leatherUK Occupation
Black Tray MakerMade black (Japanned) traysUK Occupation
Black vomitVomiting old black blood due to ulcers or yellow feverMedical
Blacking MakerMade boot polish (usually using soot)UK Occupation
BlacksmithWorked (still does) iron with forge and hammer.UK Occupation
Blackwater feveDark urine associated with high temperatureMedical
BlackworkerEmbroidered 'blackwork' using black silks on, commonly, white fabricUK Occupation
Bladder in throatDiphtheria (Seen on death certificates)Medical
BladesmithMade swords, knives etc.UK Occupation
Blaxter / Bleacher /BleachererBleached cloth or wood pulp for paper in a 'Bleachery'UK Occupation
BlaxterBleacher of clothScot.Occup
BleacherFactory worker who bleached textiles, or paperScot.Occup
Bleachfield WorkerCloth bleachwork factories were known as bleachfields from their early origin outdoorsScot.Occup
BlemmerePlumberUK Occupation
BlentonistWater divinerUK Occupation
BlindsmanDealt with incorrectly addressed mail for the Post OfficeUK Occupation
blivato becomeSwedish
Block Cutter / Blocker1)Made wooden blocks for hat making 2)Laid the blocks for laying of a ship's keel in shipbuilding 3)Cut designs into wooden blocks for printing fabrics 4)Quarryman, whose job was to cut stone into useable blocksUK Occupation
Block Maker1) Engraved or set up the blocks used in block printing 2)Made pulley blocks 3) Made hatmakers' blocks.UK Occupation
Block PrinterPrinted paper or fabrics by the use of inked and carved or engraved wooden blocks. (Block Printing)UK Occupation
BlockcutterPerson who hand-carves wooden blocks used for printingScot.Occup
BlockmakerA trader or brokerScot.Occup
BlockprinterPerson who prints on paper or cloth with carved wooden blocksScot.Occup
blodsjukablood disorderSwedish
blodslagcerebal strokeSwedish
blodstörtningsevere or sudden bleedingSwedish
Blood poisoningBacterial infection; septicemiaMedical
Bloodman / BloodletterUsed leeches to let blood, thought to be the cure for many ailments. Now being looked at again!UK Occupation
Bloody fluxBloody stoolsMedical
Bloody sweatSweating sicknessMedical
Bloomer / Bloom SmithProduced iron from iron oreUK Occupation
Blower1) Glass blower; 2) Operated a 'blowing machine' to clean and separate textile fibres 3) Operated the blacksmith's bellowsUK Occupation
BlowfeederFed the fibres into a blowing machineUK Occupation
Blue Dyer/MakerUsed/made blue dye for whitening fabrics in manufacture or washingUK Occupation
Blue SlaterSplit blue roofing slates from rock from the Welsh hillsUK Occupation
BluestockingFemale writer. From the Blue Stocking Society, formed in the 1750s and who wore blue stockingsUK Occupation
BlufferInnkeeper or pub landlordUK Occupation
boto live, home, estateSwedish
BoarderTerm used for a Lodger - usually dined with the family, whilst a Lodger did notUK Occupation
Boarding OfficerPort official who inspects ship's papers on port entry - still existsUK Occupation
Boardman1) Truant officer for checking school attendance 2) Manorial tenant who paid rent by maintaining the manor house tableUK Occupation
BoardwrightCarpenter. Made tables and chairsUK Occupation
Boatman1) Worked on river and canal boats 2) Boat repairerUK Occupation
Boatswain / 'Bosun'Petty officer in charge of the ship's crew, also the ship's rigging and deck maintenance, responsible to the Chief Officer. Still in use todayUK Occupation
Bobber1) Metal polisher 2) Unloaded fishing boatsUK Occupation
Bobbin Carrier / BobbinerSupplied the looms with bobbins in spinning and weaving More Info.UK Occupation
Bobbin LiggerPlaced the spools for spinningUK Occupation
Bobbin TurnerMade (lathe turned) the wooden bobbins used in the textile millsUK Occupation
BobbyPolice constable - still used today. (Colloquial)UK Occupation
Bodeys / Body MakerMade the bodices for women's garmentsUK Occupation
BodgerA skilled craftsman who made wooden chair legs and spars using a lathe set up in home made workshops in deep woodlands. His work was often produced for chair factoriesUK Occupation
Boiler PlaterMade rolled steel/iron plate for steam engine boilers etc.UK Occupation
BoilermakerFabricated boilers for ships, or factories, by riveting or welding metal sheets.Scot.Occup
böldabscess, boilSwedish
Boll hiveA disease which killed infants (meaning presently unknown)Scot.Dise 1855
BollPower loom attendantUK Occupation
BolterSifted mealUK Occupation
bondA contract to carry out specific duties, which if not performed satisfactorily, a penalty may be paidColonial Diseases
BondagerBonded female farm workerUK Occupation
BondmanAs for Apprentice - bonded to his Master to learn a skill or tradeUK Occupation
BondsmanStood the bond or surety for a bonded personUK Occupation
Bone Lace MakerMade pillow laceUK Occupation
Bone Mould TurnerMade the moulds for button makingUK Occupation
Bone PickerRag & Bone Man. Collected rags and bones (originally) later any discarded articles / metalsUK Occupation
Bone shaveSciaticaMedical
BonesetterSet broken bonesUK Occupation
BonifaceInnkeeperUK Occupation
Book Edge MarblerDecorated the edges of pages in bound booksUK Occupation
Book GilderGilded book bindings with gold leafUK Occupation
Book KeeperAs today, looked after business accountsUK Occupation
BookholderTheatre prompterUK Occupation
BookmakerThe 'bookie' accepts gambling bets, traditionally on racing horses, dogsScot.Occup
BookmanStudentUK Occupation
BoonmasterSurveyed, maintained and repaired roadsUK Occupation
Boot CatcherServant at an Inn who pulled off travellers' bootsUK Occupation
Boot ClickerWorked a machine that made lace holes in boot uppersScot.Occup
Boot ClipperPerson using scissors cut the threads connecting rubber boot partsScot.Occup
Boot CloserStitched the shoe uppers to the solesUK Occupation
Boot LasterPerson who shaped the uppers of boots on a metal 'last'Scot.Occup
Boot SpriggerPerson who nailed the soles and uppers of boots together with 'sprigs' - small headless nailsScot.Occup
BootbinderOperated machines in shoemaking, binding uppers to solesUK Occupation
BoothmanCorn MerchantUK Occupation
BootsEmployed by a hotel for general portering duties, assisting waiters etc.Scot.Occup
Border entryThe location on land where new immigrants first enter a country.Genealogy
borgcastle, fortressSwedish
borgarecitizen, burgherSwedish
Borler / BorelerMaker of borel - cheap coarse woollen clothUK Occupation
BorsholderKent regional name for a police constableUK Occupation
bortgiftmarried elsewhereSwedish
BotcherTailor or cobblerUK Occupation
böterfee, fineSwedish
Bottiler / Bottler1) A person who made leather containers for holding liquids eg wine flasks or water bottles. From the turn of the 17c it would more likely refer to a worker in a bottling factory for beer, soft drinks, water etc. 2) In Punch & Judy shows that travelled from town to town in England, the person who collected money from the watching public. They called them 'Bottlers' as they used a glass bottle with a narrow neck so that the bottle could not be tipped upside down to take money out easily.UK Occupation
Bottle BoyPharmacist's assistantUK Occupation
BottlerFiller of bottles, often in a distilleryScot.Occup
Bottom KnockerSagger Maker's assistant - See Saggar Maker's Bottom Knocker.UK Occupation
Bottom MakerMoulded the bottoms for Saggers in the pottery industryUK Occupation
BottomerAdzed out the finished seat from the rough shape in wooden chair makingUK Occupation
Boundary Setters / LayersEmployed by the Board of Ordnance (Ordnance Survey) for setting out and plotting important boundaries used in map-making.UK Occupation
Bounty land warrantA right to obtain land, specific number of acres of unallocated public land, granted for military service.General
bounty landLand given to military servicemen as payment for their servicesColonial Diseases
boupptekningprobate, estate inventorySwedish
Bow Maker1) Made bows for use around Oxens' neck - used to adjoin two Oxen during farming. 2) Made string bows for musical instrumentsUK Occupation
BowdlerWorked with iron oreUK Occupation
BowerA maker of bows (for arrows)Scot.Occup
BowkerBleached yarn. Also in parts of Lancashire, a butcherUK Occupation
Bowler1) Maker of bowls and dishes 2) Made the bowls of spoons before castingUK Occupation
Bowlman/womanCrockery dealerUK Occupation
BowlminderIn charge of vats in which raw wool were washed before processingUK Occupation
BowmanSub-tenant who farmed on a 'steelbow', requiring to divide annual produce with main tenant or tacksmanScot.Occup
Bowyer / BowerMade archery bowsUK Occupation
Box Shook MakerSee Shook MakerUK Occupation
BoxmasterTreasurer or deacon of a trade guild or association- eg Weavers GuildScot.Occup
BozzlerParish constableUK Occupation
BrabenerWeaverUK Occupation
BrachygrapherShorthand writerUK Occupation
Bradish ManA carpenter working in mines; the bradish man was responsible for ensuring a steady flow of clean air is cycled past the working face (especially of coal). He achieved this by closing off old shafts with well-sealed wooden doors.UK Occupation
BraiderMade cord by twisting cords or leatherUK Occupation
BraillerMade girdlesUK Occupation
Brain feverMeningitisMedical
Brakeman / Brakesman1) Operated pithead winding gear 2) Operated brakes on trains or tramsUK Occupation
BrancherColliery worker who cuts at the coal face, particularly a new seam or 'branch' from the roadUK Occupation
brännsjukafeber disease, literally a 'burning disease'Swedish
BrasiaterBrewed AleUK Occupation
BrasilerDyerUK Occupation
Brass FinisherRemoved burs and marks from brass foundry products by sanding, buffing and polishing.Scot.Occup
Brass FounderThe founder poured molten metal into moulds to make brass buckles, handles, fittings.Scot.Occup
BratmanMade rough garmentsUK Occupation
BrazierWorked with brassUK Occupation
BreakboneDengue feverMedical
Breakman / BrickmanBricklayerUK Occupation
bredvidnext toSwedish
Breech MakerMade the breeches for gunsUK Occupation
BrewsterMaker of beer, a brewer. (also broustor)UK Occupation
Brick BurnerMaintained the firing temperature in a brick kilnUK Occupation
BricksetterWorked in a brick works. He worked in the kilns, stacking or 'setting' the bricks ready for firingUK Occupation
Bridewell KeeperIn charge of a lock-up or jailUK Occupation
Bridgeman / BridgerToll bridge keeperUK Occupation
Bright's diseaseChronic inflammatory disease of kidneysMedical
BrightsmithMetal workerUK Occupation
Brimstone RefinerRefined sulphur, one of the components of gunpowderUK Occupation
Broad CooperGo-between for breweries and innkeepersUK Occupation
Broadcloth WeaverWide(broad)loom operatorUK Occupation
BroggerWool merchantUK Occupation
BrokerEssentially a salesman or middleman to a supplier for arranging sales.UK Occupation
Broncho-pneumoniaSame as pneumonia, an inflammation of the lungs caused by an infectionScot.Dise 1855
Bronze JohnYellow feverMedical
Broom DasherBroom dealerUK Occupation
Broom SquireBroom MakerUK Occupation
brorsdotterniece, brother\'s daughterSwedish
brorssonnephew, brother\'s sonSwedish
bröstkovshortness of breathSwedish
bröstkvavshortness of breath, can mean suffocationSwedish
bröstlidandechest diseaseSwedish
bröstpassionchest painSwedish
bröstsjukachest illness, pneumoniaSwedish
bröstvärkchest painSwedish
bröstvedachest diseaseSwedish
Brotherer/Broiderer/Broderer/BrowdererEmbroidererUK Occupation
brottfälligepileptic fitsSwedish
Brow GirlFemale employed at the pitheadUK Occupation
Brown SaddlerMaker of riding saddlesUK Occupation
BrownsmithWorked with copper or brassUK Occupation
brudfolkbridal coupleSwedish
brudparbridal coupleSwedish
brukfoundry, mill, iron industrySwedish
brukaretenant farmer, leaseholderSwedish
brukbrokumbilical herniaSwedish
bruksarbetarefoundryman, mill hand, iron workerSwedish
Brush DrawerFixed the bristles into the stock or handle of a brush. More Info.UK Occupation
Brush Stock / Stale MakerMade the handles for brushesUK Occupation
BrusherCoal miner who repaired mine passage roofs and sidesScot.Occup
Buck WasherLaundressUK Occupation
Buckle Tongue MakerMade the pointed part of a belt buckleUK Occupation
Buckler / BucklesmithMade belt bucklesUK Occupation
Buckram MakerMade buckram - used for stiffening lapels, collars, cloth belts etc.UK Occupation
BuddleboyUsed and maintained ore-washing vats in lead and tin miningUK Occupation
BuddlerWomen and children employed washing oreUK Occupation
bukbetabdominal painSwedish
bukvredintestinal blockageSwedish
BuleBoil, tumor or swellingMedical
BullwhackerOxen driverUK Occupation
Bum BailiffAn officer of the court who went to a convicted person's home or business premises and siezed goods in lieu of payment of a fine, in defaultUK Occupation
Bumboat ManSeller of goods and foodstuffs from boats to ships at anchor (Typically Suez Canal)UK Occupation
BummareeFish market middlemen - between wholesalers and retailersUK Occupation
BummerArmy deserterUK Occupation
BunterFemale rag & bone collectorUK Occupation
BurelerMaker of Borel, a rough woolen clothUK Occupation
BurgessRepresented a borough official at functions. Man listed as merchant or craftsman in a town burghUK Occupation
Burgonmaster / BurgomasterMayorUK Occupation
burial recordA formal account normally kept by a church of burials that occurred in their congregation. Besides the names of the deceased, it may contain the age of the person at death, their birth date, cause of death, the clergyman's name, and possibly the place of residence at the time of death.Colonial Diseases
BurlerClothing quality inspectorUK Occupation
Burleyman / ByelawmanManorial court official who enforced the court ordersUK Occupation
BurmaidenChambermaid or lady in waitingUK Occupation
BurnemanCarrier of barm or water for brewersUK Occupation
Burye ManGrave digger - (bury man)UK Occupation
Bushel MakerCooperUK Occupation
BushelerTailor's helperUK Occupation
BuskerHair DresserUK Occupation
Buss MakerGunsmithUK Occupation
ButnerButton makerUK Occupation
Butter CarverPrepared butter for saleUK Occupation
ButtySupplied labour to mines and negotiated contractsUK Occupation
bygdcountryside, region, areaSwedish
byggmästarecontractor, builderSwedish
ByremanFarm worker who looked after cows in the byre (cattle-shed)Scot.Occup
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