Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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EaldormanShire Court official, acted as King's deputy and paid by the courtUK Occupation
EarerPloughmanUK Occupation
Earth stopperStopped up animal burrows - i.e. a fox's earth before the huntUK Occupation
East India ManEmployee of the East India Company - either commercially or militarilyUK Occupation
EclampsiaSymptoms of epilepsy, convulsions during laborMedical
EcstasyA form of catalepsy characterized by loss of reasonMedical
Edema of lungsCongestive heart failure, a form of dropsyMedical
EdemaNephrosis; swelling of tissuesMedical
Edge ToolmakerMaker of knives, scythes - cutting toolsUK Occupation
Eel thingErysipelasMedical
efter sig lämnatleft behind, survived bySwedish
Eggler / Egg FactorEgg / poultry dealerUK Occupation
eldsvådaextensive fireSwedish
ElectrotyperPrinting plate maker of electrotype metal plants, including lead preparation. (See also stereotyper)Scot.Occup
ElephantiasisA form of leprosyMedical
Elephants Teeth DealerIvory dealerUK Occupation
Ellerman / EllymanSold lamp oil (oilman)UK Occupation
ElymakerOil makerUK Occupation
EmbarkationBoarding a vessel or aircraft or setting out on a journey.Genealogy
EmbolismBlood clots travelling through the blood stream causing blockage of the renal artery to the kidneyScot.Dise 1855
EmbosserPerson who moulded or pressed designs that were raised above the surface of the material .Scot.Occup
EmigrantA person who leaves a country to live in another.Genealogy
emigrationThe process of leaving one's home country to live in another countryColonial Diseases
EmphysemaChronic respiratory disease of the lung air sacsScot.Dise 1855
Empresario1) Showman 2) Land broker 3) Settlement scheme promoterUK Occupation
en, etta, oneSwedish
en/ett hundra(de)one hundred (one-hundredth)Swedish
en/ett tusen(de)one thousand (one-thousandth)Swedish
Encephalitis aka Sleeping SicknessSwelling of brainMedical
EndometritisInfection of the lining of the uterusScot.Dise 1855
Engelska sjukanricketts (vitamin deficiency)Swedish
Engine KeeperOperated and maintained an industrial steam-driven engine.Scot.Occup
Engine SmithMade parts for and repaired engines using the tools of a Smith - similar work to that of a Blacksmith.UK Occupation
Engine Tenter1) Oversaw the operation of the steam engine driving factory machinery. 2) Operated woolen mill machinery stretching cloth whilst dryingUK Occupation
Engine TurnerEngraver who produced overlapping geometric (engine turned) patterns on such items as cigarette cases, ladies compacts etcUK Occupation
EnginemanIn charge of colliery winding machinery under the direction of the BankmanUK Occupation
EngraverCuts or engraves fine designs and patterns on metal, wood or glass.Scot.Occup
enligtaccording toSwedish
Enteric feverTyphoid feverMedical
EnteritisInflammations of the bowelsMedical
EnterocolitisInflammation of the intestinesMedical
enumerationProcess by which persons are counted for purposes of a censusColonial Diseases
EnumeratorCollected and recorded census data from householdsUK Occupation
EpistaxisNose bleedMedical
EpitaphAn inscription on or at a tomb or grave in memory of the one buried there.General
EquerryPersonal assistant in the Royal household - originally for the horses - still existsUK Occupation
EremiteHermitUK Occupation
EriteHereticUK Occupation
ErysipelasContagious skin disease, due to Streptococci with vesicular and bulbous lesionsMedical
EscheatThe reversion of property to the state when there are no qualified heirs.General
EsquireKnight's companion - the term later referred to a gentleman of standingUK Occupation
EstafetteMounted courier - from FrenchUK Occupation
EstateAll property and debts belonging to a person.General
Et alLatin for 'and others'.General
et alii (et al.)and othersLatin
et cetera (etc., andampc.)and so forthLatin
Et uxLatin for 'and wife'.General
Et uxorAnd his wife. Sometimes written simply Et Ux.General
etand, bothLatin
ett, ena, oneSwedish
EweherdShepherdUK Occupation
ExchequerRevenue collector - Chancellor of the Exchequer is an important English Government post today, setting the National budgetUK Occupation
ExcisemanTax collectorUK Occupation
executorThe individual who carries out the instructions and provisions of a willColonial Diseases
ExpressmanA Messenger. He would collect and deliver letters, packages or parcels that needed quick serviceUK Occupation
Extravasted bloRupture of a blood vesselMedical
EyerMade the holes in sewing needles. Also called a HolerUK Occupation
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