Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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f. d. (före detta)former(ly)Swedish
F.S.Female ServantScot.Occup
FaberWorkman or ArtisanUK Occupation
fabrikfactory, millSwedish
fabriksarbetarefactory workerSwedish
Factor1) Agent transacting business for merchants 2) Sold goods on commission 3) (Scottish) Steward collecting land rentsUK Occupation
fadderchristening witness, godparentSwedish
FagetterFirewood seller - made bundles of faggotsUK Occupation
FakerPhotographer's assistant - added hand colouring to monochrome photographs before colour film was inventedUK Occupation
Fakir / FakerStreet salesman, seller, hawker, vendor or peddlerUK Occupation
fallafall, to be killed in warSwedish
fallande sotepilepsySwedish
Falling sicknessEpilepsyMedical
fältfebertyphoid feverSwedish
fältskärassistant army surgeon, barber- surgeonSwedish
fältväbelsergeant majorSwedish
Family eventsEvents that are meaningful or significant to a specific family.Genealogy
family group reportA form which contains genealogical information about a nuclear family - a husband, a wife, and their children. It usually includes the dates and places of birth, marriage and death.Colonial Diseases
Family History Library35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150:Colonial Diseases
Family historyThe reconstruction of the daily lives of a person's ancestors based on information gathered and the writing of their biographies.Genealogy
Family treeA chart that shows how people in a family are related to each other.Genealogy
Fancy ManA pimpUK Occupation
Fancy WomanA prostituteUK Occupation
Fancy-pearl WorkerMade items, such as buttons, from mother-of-pearlUK Occupation
fånigbrainsick, underwitted, idiotic (1889)Swedish
FannerGrain winnowerUK Occupation
FanwrightMade or repaired fans or winnowing basketsUK Occupation
FarandmanTravelling merchantUK Occupation
farbrorpaternal uncleSwedish
farfarpaternal grandfatherSwedish
Farm BailiffMade sure a tenant farmer ran the farm properly and was paying the rent on time. If not the bailiff had the authority to evict.UK Occupation
Farm servantFarm worker under contracted period to work for farmerScot.Occup
farmorpaternal grandmotherSwedish
Farrier1) A blacksmith who shoes horses 2) Horse Doctor 3) Cavalry NCO responsible for horsesUK Occupation
fastafast, LentSwedish
fästehjonbetrothed couple, engaged pairSwedish
fästekvinnafiancée (female)Swedish
fasterpaternal auntSwedish
fästmanfiancé (male)Swedish
fästmöfiancée (female)Swedish
Father-in-lawFather of one's spouse.General
Fatty LiverCirrhosis of liverMedical
FaunistNaturalistUK Occupation
Fawkner/ FaulknerFalconerUK Occupation
Fear-Nought MakerMade thick woollen material called fear-nought for protective clothing and lining insides the powder magazines of warshipsUK Occupation
Feather Beater/Driver/DresserCleaned feathers for saleUK Occupation
Feather MasonSplit stone using curved metal 'feathers' with wedges hammered between them.UK Occupation
Feather WifeWoman who cleaned feathers for saleUK Occupation
FeathermanDealer in feathersUK Occupation
Fee simpleAn absolute ownership without restriction.General
Fee tailAn estate of inheritance limited to lineal descendant heirs of a person to whom it was granted.General
FeeAn estate of inheritance in land, being either fee simple or fee tail. An estate in land held of a feudal lord on condition of the performing of certain services.General
FeederHerdsman. Millworker who kept the mill machines supplied with materialUK Occupation
FellerWoodcutterUK Occupation
Fellmonger1) Dealer in hides and skins , also recycled inedible animal parts for glue, fertiliser, offal, horn, bone, gut etc. Basically, he ran the 'knacker's yard'. More Info. 2) Tree cutter / woodsmanUK Occupation
Fellowship PorterA kind of uniformed bonded messenger, vetted for honesty etc before admission to the Guild of Fellowship Porters, to whom they were accountable. You could trust your valuables to them for transport from your London office to another warehouse, shop or officeUK Occupation
FelterWorked with felt - normally in the hat tradeUK Occupation
fem(te)five (fifth)Swedish
femtio(nde)fifty (fiftieth)Swedish
femton(de)fifteen (fifteenth)Swedish
FencibleSoldier recruited at times of war, a militiamanScot.Occup
Fender SmithMade and maintained fenders surrounding firesUK Occupation
Fent DealerDealer in 'Fents' - cloth remnants, ends of bolts of cloth etc.UK Occupation
FeronerIronmongerUK Occupation
FerreterMade or dealt in 'ferret' - silk tapeUK Occupation
Ferry-louperOrkney name for an incomer from mainlandScot.Occup
Ferur / FeratorBlacksmith / FarrierUK Occupation
FestitianPhysicianUK Occupation
FethelarA fiddlerScot.Occup
Fettler1) Cleaned mill machinery, removing accumulations of fibres, grease etc. and sharpened fustian cutters' knives 2) Needle maker who filed the pointsUK Occupation
FeuarLandholder under feudal system paid a feu (fee) to the overlordScot.Occup
FeverBlacksmithUK Occupation
FewsterMade wooden saddle trees – the “chassis” upon which a leather saddle is constructedUK Occupation
FewtererLooked after the hounds used in hunting or hare coursingUK Occupation
Feydur (Feather) BeaterFeather beaterUK Occupation
FictorModellerUK Occupation
FiddlerUsed a fiddle (small knife) to remove the flashing from cast clay forms such as bowls, creamers, cups or pitchers.UK Occupation
Field Master1) Inspected hedges and fences of a parish and also impounded stray animals 2) Tended fields set aside to produce hay. Also HaywardUK Occupation
File CutterMade files by cutting rows of sharp teeth into a metal blankUK Occupation
FillerFilled bobbins in textile millsUK Occupation
Fine DrawerInvisible mender (clothing)UK Occupation
finländare, finneFinnSwedish
Fire BeaterTended factory boilersUK Occupation
Fireman1. Person in charge of a furnace, eg. on a train or ship 2. A fire fighterScot.Occup
Firemen (Salt Industry)The men responsible for stoking the furnaces so as to maintain the brine at the correct temperature during the salt making period, which might be a few hours at high temperature for fine salt or several days at lower temperatures for the coarser types.UK Occupation
Fireworker18c. Maker of fireworks. A very dangerous occupation - they often actually smoked when working with gunpowder!UK Occupation
FirkenmanHandled casks - 'Firkins'of ale , but not supervising the contentUK Occupation
First HandSilk weaver who owned his own loom. Early silk weaving was largely done in the homeUK Occupation
FiscereFisherman - Anglo-Saxon termUK Occupation
Fish BobberLanded the fish from trawlers to the quay sideUK Occupation
Fish FagFemale fish sellerUK Occupation
FishcurerDried and salted fish for onward transport in barrelsScot.Occup
FishwifeWoman who carried and sold fresh fish from door to door.Scot.Occup
FitsSudden attack or seizure of muscle activityMedical
Fitter1) Coal broker 2) Early term for a Joiner 3) From 19c. a skilled mechanicUK Occupation
fjärdingsmanparish constableSwedish
fjol (i fjol)last yearSwedish
fjorton(de)fourteen (fourteenth)Swedish
Flagger & TilerLaid roofing tiles and the rectangular stone flags used in some parts of the country for roofingUK Occupation
FlaggerLays paving stones etc. also called a Paver or PaviourUK Occupation
FlasherSpecialist worker in glass makingUK Occupation
Flatman / FloatmanBoatman on a flat bottom boat (a flat) used in shallow waters (mainly rivers and canals) for transport. The term also came to refer to shallow-draft coastal sailing vessels. More Info.UK Occupation
FlaunerConfectionerUK Occupation
Flax dofferWomen who doffed (tied up) full bobbins of thread, and replaced with empty ones.Scot.Occup
Flax DresserPerson who breaks and swingles flax, or prepares it for the spinner.UK Occupation
Flax hecklerFlax dresser who separated the coarse flax with a toothed hackleScot.Occup
Flax ScutcherSepatared the husk from the flax fibres by holding it against rotating paddlesUK Occupation
FlaxmanDealer in flaxScot.Occup
Flesher / Fleshmonger1) Tannery worker 2) ButcherUK Occupation
FleshewerButcherUK Occupation
FletcherMade arrows - from French, flècheUK Occupation
flicknamnmaiden nameSwedish
FlitmanPorter who unloaded goods from ships (Shetland Isles)Scot.Occup
FloaterVagrant. Man seasonally employed to guide and steer timber logs downstreamUK Occupation
FlockmasterPerson in charge of managing a flock of sheepScot.Occup
Flower LasherInterlaced cotton threads as part of the intricate weaving process in making Paisley shawlsScot.Occup
Flowering MuslinEmbroideryUK Occupation
FlushermanCleaned out water pipesUK Occupation
flussany disease related to fluidsSwedish
Flux of humourCirculationMedical
FluxAn excessive flow or discharge of fluid like hemorrhage or diarrheaMedical
Fly Forger / MakerA drop forger who stamped out parts of 'flyers' for textile spinning machinery. More Info.UK Occupation
Fly Proprietor/Master1) Drove a 'fly' a one horse two wheeled light carriage 2) Flyman also a term for a theatre stage hand 3) A Fly Proprietor/Master employed fly drivers for hire and usually owned the flys.UK Occupation
Flying StationerStreet broadsheet (newspaper) sellerUK Occupation
flyttningsbetygcertificate of movingSwedish
född, födda, födde, födelseborn, birthSwedish
föddeswas bornSwedish
födelsebokbirth recordSwedish
födelselängdbirth recordSwedish
födelseortplace of birthSwedish
födorådstagarea person supported by another after giving up their estate. For example, residing for free, tax exemption, and receiving other fringe benefits. May be abbreviated as: FtgrSwedish
fogdesheriff, bailiff, wardenSwedish
Fogger / Pettifogger1) Peddler. 2) Middleman in the nail and chain trade 3) Agricultural labourer who fed cattle 4) Low class lawyer or 'Pettifogger'UK Occupation
Foister / Foisterer / FuysterJoinerUK Occupation
följandefollowing, nextSwedish
Foot MaidenFemale servantUK Occupation
Foot StraightenerMade watch and clock dialsUK Occupation
FootmanMale servantUK Occupation
FootpadThief (mugger)UK Occupation
Foot-PostMail carrier (on foot)UK Occupation
fördärvadseverely crippledSwedish
fördelsmanperson receiving support after giving his estate to anotherSwedish
föregåendeprevious, precedingSwedish
förelystbanns (in Finland)Swedish
ForesterLooked after woods, normally on gentleman's estate, or major local forestUK Occupation
Forgeman / Forger1) Blacksmith or his assistant 2) In 18c Derbyshire - CoachsmithUK Occupation
förhörhousehold examinationSwedish
förklaradeclared, explainedSwedish
ForknerFalconer (phonetic)UK Occupation
förkylningcommon coldSwedish
förlossningdelivery (childbirth)Swedish
Form FitterFitted 'forms' for building. ie formwork for arch building.UK Occupation
förmälamarry (older term)Swedish
förmiddagmorning, forenoonSwedish
förnamngiven nameSwedish
förra giftetprevious marriageSwedish
förre, (den)formerSwedish
ForresterEmployed to guard the forest and its game against poachers and trespassers.Scot.Occup
församlingparish, congregationSwedish
församlingsbokclerical surveySwedish
första gångenfirst timeSwedish
försumlighetnegligence, neglectfulnessSwedish
försvarslösunemployed person, vagrantSwedish
fortsättning (forts.)continuedSwedish
FossetmakerMade (wooden) taps for ale casksUK Occupation
fosterbarnfoster childSwedish
fosterlandnative land, fatherlandSwedish
FounderFoundryman - casts metal i.e. iron, brassUK Occupation
FowerSweeper, street cleanerUK Occupation
FoyboatmanA shore-based seaman who worked a 'foy' to give assistance to vessels entering port - running lines from the ship to shore, towing small vessels etc. Foy is a corruption of fee, which was what the boatman chargedUK Occupation
frälsegård, frälsehemmantax-exempt farm (farm owned by a nobleman who collected the tax)Swedish
Frame SpinnerTended a machine for spinning cotton threads - a Spinning Frame - More Info.UK Occupation
FramerConstructed the wooden frames of buildings, also in chair makingUK Occupation
Framework Knitter (FWK)Operated a hosiery making loom (Abbreviated FWK in census returns) More Info.UK Occupation
framförin front ofSwedish
främmandeforeign, strange, belonging to another parishSwedish
FraternityGroup of men (or women) sharing a common purpose orinterest.General
Free holdAn estate in fee simple, in fee tail, or for life.General
FreedmanA freed slaveUK Occupation
FreeholderLand ownerUK Occupation
FreemanHeld the full rights of citizenship, such as voting and engaging in business, free of feudal service - a man who had served his apprenticeship and who could then work at his trade in his own right. Medieval freemen were not owned by a feudal lord, but had privileges granted to own land and trade in a burgh.UK Occupation
FreemasonStone masonUK Occupation
frejda person\'s character, conductSwedish
French PolisherBrought wood cabinets to a fine finish with sandpaper and oils.Scot.Occup
French poxSyphilisMedical
FreshwatermanSailed on inland or coastal watersUK Occupation
FriendMember of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.General
FrieserMade rough plaster known as friese, also any strip pattern which repeats itself in some way and used in castings such as are used in decorative gates, railings etc.UK Occupation
FriezerFriezed cloth (i.e. embroidery with silver or gold)UK Occupation
frillebarnbastard childSwedish
FringemakerMade ornamental borders or fringes in cloth makingUK Occupation
FrippererBought and sold old clothes and fripperiesUK Occupation
FriseurHairdresserUK Occupation
Frobisher / FurbisherCleaned and polished metal – i.e. armourUK Occupation
FruictmanMan who sells fruitScot.Occup
FruitestereFemale fruit sellerUK Occupation
FulkerPawnbrokerUK Occupation
Fuller / Tucker / WalkerOne who 'fulls' cloth; the process of cleaning (removing the natural oils and lanolin) wool in preparation for spinning and weaving, using fuller's earth. In medieval times, this involved treading the cloth in stale urine for some 8 hours.UK Occupation
FullerFuller of cloth thickened wool (same as waulker q.v.)Scot.Occup
Fulling MillerMilled Fullers Earth for Fulling woolen cloth (above)UK Occupation
fulslaginflammation at the edge of a fingerSwedish
FumigatorDuring the great plague, Fumigators were employed to disinfect houses by burning sulphur, saltpetre and urine. Presumably the smell would kill the germs!UK Occupation
FunambulistTightrope walkerUK Occupation
FurlongSee measurements.General
FurnacemanAttended to furnace, often in metal worksScot.Occup
FurnerBakerUK Occupation
FurrierFur dealer - as todayUK Occupation
Fustian Cutter / WeaverA person who lifted and cut the threads in the making of Fustian, formerly a kind of coarse cloth made of cotton and flax. Now a thick, twilled cotton cloth with a short pile or nap, a kind of cotton velvet. A long thin knife was inserted into the loops and the threads cut as it was pulled through, stretched between rollers. The cloth was then brushed to raise the pile. Fustian is the old name for corduroy / A weaver of FustianUK Occupation
Fustian Loom JobberOtherwise known as a Tackler, he serviced and maintained the Fustian loomsUK Occupation
fyrtio(nde)forty (fortieth)Swedish
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