Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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G.P.General Practitioner, a medical doctorScot.Occup
GabelerTax collectorUK Occupation
GaberlunzieA beggarScot.Occup
Gaffer1) Foreman 2) Elderly manUK Occupation
GaffmanBailiffUK Occupation
Gager / GaugerCollector of alcohol taxes. Measured capacity of barrels to calculate the dutyUK Occupation
gäll (gäld)clerical districtSwedish
Galloon MakerMade a decorative woven trim commonly made of metallic gold or silver thread, lace, or embroidery. Galloon is used in the trim of military and police uniforms, ecclesiastical dress, and as trim on textiles, drapery, and upholstery.UK Occupation
GamekeeperGuard and breeder of wild game (pheasants etc) on an estateScot.Occup
Gamester1) Gambler 2) ProstituteUK Occupation
gamla boken (G.B.)old book, previous clerical surveySwedish
Ganger / GangsmanOverseer / foreman - from mid 18c.UK Occupation
GangerGangsman leading a gang or squad of menScot.Occup
GangrelVagrant or trampScot.Occup
GannekerInnkeeperUK Occupation
GaolerA keeper of the gaol, a jailerUK Occupation
gårdfarm, houseSwedish
Garthman1) Fisherman using fish traps 2) Yardman or herdsman 3) Maintained a 'garth' or dam on the river for catching fishUK Occupation
Gas MakerMade gas by heating coal to produce gas, which was purified to remove the tar. The coal would be turned into coke. The gas could be used for lighting, heating or powering a gas engine. The tar was used in road surfacing.UK Occupation
Gas ManagerIn charge of detecting dangerous gases in minesUK Occupation
Gas RetortmanIn gas works, operated large oven in which coal was baked to manufacture coal gas.Scot.Occup
GasfitterFitted pipes to carry a gas supply, usually coal gas , to domestic or industrial premises.Scot.Occup
GasserSee Cotton Yarn GasserUK Occupation
Gastric ulcerA break or tear in the tissue lining the stomachScot.Dise 1855
GastritisChronic or acute inflammation of the stomachScot.Dise 1855
GaterWatchmanUK Occupation
GathererGlassworker. Inserted the blow iron into molten glass ready for the blowerUK Occupation
Gatherer's BoyAssistant who shielded the gatherer's face from the furnace with a shovelUK Occupation
GatheringA collection of pusMedical
GatwardGoatkeeperUK Occupation
GaugerExcise officerScot.Occup
GaunterGlove makerUK Occupation
Gaveller1) In the Forest of Dean - Crown officer granting 'gales' - the right to work a mine 2) In Suffolk - Female (usually) harvest worker 3) UsurerUK Occupation
gazetteerAn alphabetically organized book describing the names and places of a particular region.Colonial Diseases
GeburtsurkundeBirth recordGermany
GEDCOMA standard file format for exchanging information between genealogy programs. The acronym GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. The Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) developed the GEDCOM standard.Colonial Diseases
GelderAnimal castratorUK Occupation
Gen. LabGeneral labourerScot.Occup
genastright away, immediatelySwedish
Genealogical Institute of the MaritimesUniversité de Moncton, Moncton, New Brunswick E1A 3E9, Canada. An official body providing accreditation of professional genealogists in Canada.Colonial Diseases
genealogistA person who pursues the science or study of family descent. A professional genealogist is one who compiles family histories and genealogies for clients for a fee.Colonial Diseases
genealogy1. The science or study of family descent 2. A chart or recorded history of the descent of a person or family from an ancestor or ancestors 3. Descent from an ancestor; pedigree; lineageColonial Diseases
General ParalysisA euphemistic term for advanced syphilis causing deathScot.Dise 1855
GenerationPeople born about the same time and related to a person at the same level (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents). A period of approximately 30 years separates each generation.Genealogy
GentlemanGentry; Aristocrat, whose income came from his landUK Occupation
GentryFamilies of hereditary rank - the baronets and knights in EnglandUK Occupation
GeometerPerson skilled in geometryUK Occupation
Gerund GrinderLatin TutorUK Occupation
GhillieHighland guard of wild game, especially deerScot.Occup
gifta sigto marrySwedish
giftermålmarriage ceremonySwedish
giftomanbride\'s sponsorSwedish
GiggerOperated a gigging machine - a machine for dressing woollen cloth by subjecting it to the action of teasels.UK Occupation
GilderApplied gold leaf for decoration. Person who impressed gold leaf or gilt to overlay an item, such as furniture or an art frameUK Occupation
GimlerMade gimp - a kind of cardUK Occupation
Ginny / Jenny/ Jenney TenterMinded a Ginny - a stationary engine used in coal mining to haul coal to the surfaceUK Occupation
GinourEngineerUK Occupation
GirdlerMade leather belts & girdles, mainly for the armyUK Occupation
GirnalmanMan in charge of meal store or granaryScot.Occup
Given nameThe name parents give their child at birth. Name given to a person at birth or baptism, one's first and middle names.Genealogy
Glandular feverMononucleosisMedical
Glass CoachmanDrove a two horse carriage for hireUK Occupation
Glazier / Glassman1) Window glass man / glass cutter 2) Seller of glasswareUK Occupation
GlebeLand belonging to a parish church.General
GleemanMediaeval minstrelUK Occupation
GloverGlove maker / sellerUK Occupation
Goat CarriagemanDriver of a small carriageUK Occupation
GoldbeaterArtisan who hammered gold into gold leaf, thin plates of gold for gilding.Scot.Occup
Goldsmith1) Banker 2) Worker in goldUK Occupation
Gong ScourerEmptied cesspits, ashpits and outside toilets - 'middins' - usually required to work from 9pm to 5am. See also Night SoilmanUK Occupation
GooseherdTended geeseUK Occupation
GorsemanSold gorse and broom, largely for making broomsUK Occupation
GossoonServant boyUK Occupation
GowcherA grandfatherScot.Occup
GozzardHerder of geeseUK Occupation
GP / General PractitionerLocal medical doctor, a term used today. More Info.UK Occupation
Grace WifeMidwifeUK Occupation
GrafferNotary or scrivenerUK Occupation
GrainerPainted wood grain effectUK Occupation
GrangerFarmer. Keeper of grain store (granary)UK Occupation
gränsboundary line, borderSwedish
granteeA person who buys or receives landColonial Diseases
grantorA person who sells or gives the landColonial Diseases
GrasskeeperHerdsman who watched unfenced marches of a farm to prevent trespass from adjacent grazingsScot.Occup
Grassman/womanSeller of grease – from Old French graisse, greisse, gresse ‘grease’.UK Occupation
GratefitterFitted metal grates to hold fires in domestic fireplaces.Scot.Occup
gratialistreceiving a pension or cash from some special fundSwedish
Graver1) Engraver 2) Carver or Sculptor 3) Worker in a ship graving dock, cleaning and repairing ships hullsUK Occupation
GrazierA person who pastures and raises cattleUK Occupation
Great poxSyphilisMedical
Great-auntSister of one's grandparentGeneral
Great-uncleBrother of one's grandparent.General
Green fever / Green sicknessAnemiaMedical
GreengrocerSells fresh fruit and vegetablesUK Occupation
GreensmithWorker in copper - coppersmithUK Occupation
Greenwich (Hospital) PensionerA long-serving ex Royal Navy man, awarded an out-pension for age, wounds or incapacity. SeeUK Occupation
Greenwich BarberSold sand from the Greenwich pitsUK Occupation
grekisk katolskEastern OrthodoxSwedish
grevecount (title of nobility)Swedish
Grey Cloth DealerDealer in Grey Cloth - the unfinished product of the looms before bleaching, dyeing or printing. The term is still used in the trade.UK Occupation
Grieve / GreaveBailiff, Sheriff, ForemanUK Occupation
GrieveResponsible for a group of farm workersScot.Occup
GrimbribberLawyerUK Occupation
Grinder1) Used a grinding machine, mainly for knife and scissor sharpening, which was commonly done door-to-door 2) Maintained a carding machine in textile mills 3) TutorUK Occupation
GRINZGenealogical Research Institute of New Zealand, P.O. Box 36-107 Moera, Lower Hutt 6330, New Zealand. A formal genealogical association with a screening process and code of ethics for professional genealogists.Colonial Diseases
Grippe/gripInfluenza like symptomsMedical
Grocer's itchSkin disease caused by mites in sugar or flourMedical
GroomResponsible for horses on an estateScot.Occup
GrooverMinerUK Occupation
Ground OfficerEmployed by large landed estate to supervise the activities of tenantsScot.Occup
GrounderWorker in a printfield factory, who perhaps ground the dyes used for printing the calico clothScot.Occup
Groundsel & Chickweed SellerStreet seller of weeds to feed songbirdsUK Occupation
GRS(C)Genealogical Record Searcher (Canada). See also Genealogical Institute of the MaritimesColonial Diseases
GuardianPerson appointed to care for and manage property of a minor orphan or an adult incompetent of managing his own affairs.General
GudgerA grandfather. Corruption of gudsyrScot.Occup
Guinea PigRoving (freelance) person, whose usual fee was a guinea (One pound, one shilling)UK Occupation
GummerRe-cut old saws, sharpening and improving depth of cutUK Occupation
Gun FilerRemoved the casting imperfections on gun barrelsUK Occupation
Gun StockerCarves gun stocks from wood and fits them to the metal parts of the gunUK Occupation
GypCollege servant to undergraduatesUK Occupation
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