Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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H.L.W.Hand loom weaver- weaver of cloth on a home-based loomScot.Occup
HaberdasherSeller of clothing and accoutrementsUK Occupation
Hacker1) Woodcutter 2) Maker and/or user of hoes or other cutting toolsUK Occupation
Hackle SetterSet and maintained the pins in a HackleUK Occupation
Hacklemaker/HeckelmakerMade the Hackles (combs) for combing flaxUK Occupation
Hackler / Heckler / Hackman / HatchelerCombed or 'carded' the coarse flax, using a Hackle - a toothed implement - in linen making.UK Occupation
HacklerLint dresser who separated the coarse flax with a toothed hackleScot.Occup
Hackney ManHorse drawn Cab/Taxi driver - Taxis were originally called Hackney CabsUK Occupation
HaemoptysisCoughing up of bloodScot.Dise 1855
HaemorrhageExcessive bleeding, often within an organScot.Dise 1855
Haft PresserEmployed in the Sheffield cutlery industry pressing bone/horn into knife handles (hafts). 19c.UK Occupation
Hairweaver / HairmanWeaver of horsehair clothUK Occupation
Halberd Carrier / HalberdierSoldier who was armed with a halberd - a combined spear and axeUK Occupation
Half brother/half sisterChild by another marriage of one's mother or father; the relationship of two people who have only one parent in common.General
Half TimerChild who spent half the day at school and half in the millsUK Occupation
håll och styngpneumoniaSwedish
halv-half-, step-Swedish
halvsyskonhalf siblingsSwedish
hammarsmedforging smithSwedish
HammermanSmith, hammermanUK Occupation
HandsellerStreet VendorUK Occupation
handskmakareglove makerSwedish
HandwomanMidwife or female attendantUK Occupation
HappersUsually women and children whose job was to square off the drained lumps of salt with wooden implements, ready for drying.UK Occupation
häradcivil district within a countySwedish
häradsrättdistrict courtSwedish
Harlot1) Vagabond, beggar, rogue 2) 14c male servant / attendant 3) 15c ProstituteUK Occupation
Harmer BeckConstableUK Occupation
HarperHarp playerUK Occupation
härstädeshere, at given locationSwedish
HatterHat maker / seller More Info.UK Occupation
havato haveSwedish
Hawker / HucksterPeddler or street seller. Itinerant street dealer who carried his wares with him. Often used as a term of abuse.UK Occupation
HawkerPedlar, seller of small goods from door to doorScot.Occup
Hayard1) Inspected hedges and fences of a parish and also impounded stray animals 2) Tended fields set aside to produce hay Also Field MasterUK Occupation
HaymongerDealer in hayUK Occupation
HayresterWorker in horsehairUK Occupation
HeadsmanExecutionerUK Occupation
HeadswomanMidwifeUK Occupation
Heald KnitterMade 'healds' - lengths of cord with an eye in the middle through which the warp threads on a loom ran so that they could alternately be raised and lowered for the shuttle to pass through with the weft thread. More Info.UK Occupation
Heald/Heddle or Yell ManufacturerManufacturer of Healds, used on looms. The warp yarns are passed through loops known as Healds, which raise and lower the yarns after the shuttle has passed the weft across the width of the loomUK Occupation
Heart sicknessCondition caused by loss of salt from bodyMedical
Heat strokeBody temperature elevates because of surrounding environment temperature and body does not perspire to reduce temperature. Coma and death result if not reversedMedical
HeathererThatched roofs of houses and crofts with heather divots or stems (esp. in Highlands and Islands)Scot.Occup
Heck MakerMade spinning machine guides for guiding yarn onto reelsUK Occupation
HecklemakerMaker of flax combs for use by heckler/hacklerScot.Occup
Hecklersee hacklerScot.Occup
Hectical complaintRecurrent feverMedical
HeddlerWeaving loom operator in textile millScot.Occup
hederlighonorable, honestSwedish
Hedge LookerOversaw maintenance of hedges and enclosures. Also see Field Master & HaywardUK Occupation
HedgerHedge Trimmer and maker of 'grown' hedges - a skilled art. Laid and repaired hedges enclosing fields making them stock-proofUK Occupation
HeelmakerMade shoe heelsUK Occupation
HeiratsurkundeMarriage recordGermany
HeirsThose entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit property from another.General
hektisk feberinfectious disease accompanying a feverSwedish
Hellier / HillierRoof tiler or SlaterUK Occupation
HematemesisVomiting bloodMedical
HematuriaBloody urineMedical
HemiplegiaParalysis affecting only one side of the bodyScot.Dise 1855
HemiplegyParalysis of one side of bodyMedical
hemmaat homeSwedish
hemmanfarm, homesteadSwedish
hemmansägarefarmer, homeownerSwedish
HemophiliaHereditary bleeding disorder, taking a long time for blood to clotScot.Dise 1855
HemphecklerSee HacklerUK Occupation
Henchman / Hensman / Hinxman1) Squire or page of honour 2) Groom, horseman 3) Chief attendant to a Highland chiefUK Occupation
HenterThiefUK Occupation
Heraldic symbolsOfficial symbols granted to a family (coats of arms, blazons, etc.)Genealogy
HereditaryPhysical or psychological traits passed on to children by their parents.Genealogy
HeritorLandholder in a parishScot.Occup
herrgårdmanorial estateSwedish
HethelederPerson who cut and sold heather as a source of fuel.Scot.Occup
hetsig feberinflammatory feverSwedish
HewerMine face worker - hewed or cut the coalUK Occupation
HigglerItinerant peddler. A lot of the Higgler's trade involved barter, rather than money changing hands and the name derives from the resultant haggling.UK Occupation
High SheriffThe highest ranking sheriffUK Occupation
HighwaymanRobber, usually mounted, who preyed on travellers on public highwaysUK Occupation
HillierRoof tilerUK Occupation
Hillman / HillsmanA man who worked at the pithead; a colliery official, late 17th-early 20th century (Scottish)UK Occupation
Hind / Hynd1) Domestic servant 2) A skilled farm labourer (Scotland)UK Occupation
HindFarm servantScot.Occup
hinderlösfree, unhindered (to travel, marry)Swedish
hinderlöshetsbetygcertificate of being unhinderedSwedish
Hip goutOsteomylitisMedical
HirerArranged to provide servants, vehicles, or animals in return for money.Scot.Occup
hjärnblödningstroke, cerebral hemorrhageSwedish
hjärtslagcardiac arrestSwedish
hjärtsprångheart diseaseSwedish
hjonperson belonging to a group, for example tjänstehjon, inhysseshjon, fattighjonSwedish
hjonelagconnubial union (union in the state of marriage)Swedish
Hobbler / Hobler1) Towed river or canal boats 2) Casual dock labourer 3) Unlicensed pilot. More Info.UK Occupation
HodsmanMason's assistant - carried the 'Hod' in which materials were carriedUK Occupation
HoggardPig droverUK Occupation
Holder up1) Rivetter's Mate - whilst the red hot rivet head was formed by the rivetter, he would hold a heavy hammer or dolly against the other end of the rivet.UK Occupation
Holder-onAssisted a skilled rivetter, usually in the ship-building industryScot.Occup
Holer1) Miner 2) Made the holes in sewing needles. Also called an EyerUK Occupation
Holloware TurnerOperated a lathe to shape & clean up the inside of metal utensils, teapots etc & cooking potsUK Occupation
Holographic willOne written entirely in the testator's own handwriting.General
Homestead actLaw passed by Congress in 1862 allowing a head of a family to obtain title to 160 acres of public land after clearing and improving it for 5 years.General
HooferA dancerUK Occupation
Hooker1) 16c. Reaper 2) 19c. Textile mill worker operating machinery which laid out fabric in uniform folds to required lengthUK Occupation
Hooper / Hoop shaverMade hoops for casks and barrelsUK Occupation
HooperMaker of hoops for barrelsScot.Occup
HornerMade horn cutlery handles, combsUK Occupation
HorrorsDelirium tremensMedical
Horse CapperDealer in worthless horsesUK Occupation
Horse CourserOwner of racing horsesUK Occupation
Horse KnaveGroomUK Occupation
Horse LeechFarrier, veterinarianUK Occupation
Horse MarineTowed canal barges where horses could not be usedUK Occupation
Horse SetterOwned horses and hired them outScot.Occup
Horse-hair CurlerPrepared horse hair for upholstery stuffingUK Occupation
HorsemanLed working horses on a farmUK Occupation
hosat, in, withSwedish
HosierRetailer of hosiery - socks, stockings, gloves etc.UK Occupation
Hosteller / HostelierInnkeeperUK Occupation
Hostler1) Stableman, groom 2) repairer of railway enginesUK Occupation
HotpresserWorked in textile or paper mills, pressing product between hot glazing sheets to smooth and glaze itUK Occupation
HoughmanA farm worker ( but doing what exactly - anyone know ?)Scot.Occup
House JoinerMade the wooden frames of housesUK Occupation
House WrightHouse builderUK Occupation
hovrättcircuit court of appealSwedish
Howdy WifeMidwifeUK Occupation
HoymanUsed a 'hoy' - a small coastal vessel - to transport passengers and goodsUK Occupation
Huckster / Huxter1) Street seller of ale, often a woman 2) Retailer of small wares in shop or boothUK Occupation
HufflerWorked on the canals assisting boats and barges through the locks.UK Occupation
HuguenotA French Protestant in the 16th and 17th centuries. One of the reformed or calvinistic communion who were driven by the thousands into exile in England, Holland, Germany and America.General
HuissherUsher or door attendantUK Occupation
Hurdleman / HurdlerMade wattle fencing 'hurdles'UK Occupation
HurriersUsually girls from the age of 5, employed hauling coal undergroundUK Occupation
husarlight cavalrymanSwedish
Husband ManFarmer that cares for animals.Occupation
husbandA married man; a man in his relationship with his spouseColonial Diseases
Husband-Man / Husbandman1) Tenant farmer 2) Farmer dealing with animals (14th century From the Anglo-Saxon husbonda) - a shepherdUK Occupation
HusbandmanA cultivator of soil, a farmer. Later including animal husbandryScot.Occup
husbondemaster of a family or of a houseSwedish
husfaderhead of household, fatherSwedish
husfolkfarmers, farm peopleSwedish
husförhör, husförhörslängdclerical survey, household examinationSwedish
Hush ShopkeeperUnlicensed beer brewer and sellerUK Occupation
husmanfarm laborer (owned house but not land)Swedish
husmoderfemale head of household, motherSwedish
HydrocephalusEnlarged head, water on the brainMedical
HydropericardiumHeart dropsyMedical
HydrothoraxDropsy in chestMedical
HypertrophicEnlargement of any structure, like a scar, muscle, or organMedical
HypostaticSetting of the blood by gravitationScot.Dise 1855
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