Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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i dagtodaySwedish
i fjollast yearSwedish
i gåryesterdaySwedish
i morgontomorrowSwedish
I.H.S.(Latin), Iesus Hominum Salvator, Jesus saviour of menColonial Diseases
IcemanIce seller - usually delivered to the doorUK Occupation
IcterusJaundice. Yellowing of the skin due to excessive bilirubin in the bodyScot.Dise 1855
IdlemanGentleman of leisureUK Occupation
IgglerSee TinkerUK Occupation
ihjälslagenbeaten to deathSwedish
illegitimateBorn of parents not married to each otherColonial Diseases
Image MakerA sculptorUK Occupation
ImmigrantA person who enters into a new country to settle there.Genealogy
ImmigrationA person's entry into a new country to settle there.Genealogy
ImpetigoContagious skin disease characterized by pustulesMedical
InanitionPhysical condition resulting from lack of foodMedical
indentureA contract binding one person to work for another for a given period of timeColonial Diseases
Indentured ServantWas committed to work for a fixed number of years for financial advantage. On completion of the indenture, he became a Freeman. Until that time, had few, if any, rightsUK Occupation
IndwellerInhabitant of a particular town or placeScot.Occup
InfantAny person not of full age; a minor.General
Infantile paralysisPolioMedical
InfirmarianRan an infirmaryUK Occupation
inflyttningincoming, moving inSwedish
inflyttningsbetygmoving in certificateSwedish
inflyttningslängdmoving in registerSwedish
ingenno, no one, noneSwedish
ingetnothing, noneSwedish
inhysesa person living gratis (costless, free) at another persons house, lodgerSwedish
Inspector of NuisancesA person appointed to look into By-Law offences, such as noisy animals, foul smells, maybe fence disputes, things of that natureUK Occupation
InstantOf or pertaining to the current month. (Abbreviated inst.)General
Instrument MakerMaker of scientific, mathematical and astronomical instrumentsScot.Occup
IntelligencerSpyUK Occupation
IntendentDirector of public or Government businessUK Occupation
InterfactorMurdererUK Occupation
intestate1. Having made no valid will. 2. Not disposed of by will. 3. When an owner of real property has died intestate, title to the property is said to pass by descent to the heirs. See also testateColonial Diseases
Intestinal colicAbdominal pain due to improper dietMedical
InventoryAn account, catalog or schedule, made by an executor or administrator of all the goods and chattels and sometimes of the real estate of a deceased person.General
Iron BallerIron worker who separated the hot metal from the puddling furnace into balls or puddle-rolls before handing over to the shingler (qv)Scot.Occup
Iron ChargerPlaced the iron ore into the smelting furnaceUK Occupation
Iron DresserFoundry worker who cleaned sand and impurities from cast metal from the mould.Scot.Occup
Iron FounderFounds or casts ironUK Occupation
Iron MinerMiner of ironstone rock used in the production of pig ironScot.Occup
Iron MoulderMade moulds for casting iron. Iron foundry worker who poured molten iron from furnace into moulds.UK Occupation
Iron PlanerPut flat (plane) surfaces onto, usually, iron castings, required for seatings etc where the castings fitted on to other parts of the structure.UK Occupation
Iron PuddlerMade wrought iron using the puddling process; a highly skilled and dangerous occupation which required physical strength, stamina and sustained concentration More Info.UK Occupation
Iron RollerWorked a machine that rolled iron to form and shape it.UK Occupation
Iron ShinglerIron worker who operated a steam hammer on wrought iron from the furnaceScot.Occup
Iron TurnerUsed a lathe to turn items from iron.UK Occupation
Iron WeigherWeighed iron products from foundry for selling by the ton.Scot.Occup
IronmasterFoundry owner / managerUK Occupation
Ironmonger / FeronerHardware merchantUK Occupation
IronsmithBlacksmithUK Occupation
Ironstone MinerMined Ironstone, used to obtain iron and in the making of pottery and also for building materialUK Occupation
IschaemicIschaemic means an organ, for example the heart, not receiving enough blood and oxygenScot.Dise 1855
IssueOffspring; children; lineal descendants of a common ancestor.General
itemalso, likewiseLatin
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