Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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J.P.Justice of the PeaceScot.Occup
Jack1) Sailor 2) young male assistant..UK Occupation
Jack-frame TenterA Jack-frame was a complicated machine that twisted textile threads and wound it onto bobbins. 'Tenting' meant attending / watchingUK Occupation
JackmanAttendant or man-at-arms, for a nobleman or landownerScot.Occup
Jack-smithMade lifting machinery / equipmentUK Occupation
Jagger1) Fish peddler 2) 19c. Boy in charge of 'jags' or truck trains in a coal mine 3) Man attending pack-horses carrying iron ore to the smelter 4) 20c. Uniformed messenger for London businessesUK Occupation
Jail feverTyphusMedical
Jakes FarmerCesspool emptierUK Occupation
jämtetogether withSwedish
JapannerApplied Japanese style black hard varnish - 'Japanning'UK Occupation
JaundiceCondition caused by blockage of intestines. Yellowing of the skin caused by too many red blood cells dying.Medical
Javelin ManAttendant at court who carried a spear or pikeUK Occupation
Jenny/ Jenney / Ginny TenterMinded a Ginny - a stationary engine used in coal mining to haul coal to the surfaceUK Occupation
JerquerCustoms Officer - shipping. Issued 'Jerque Note' for clearance of vesselUK Occupation
Jersey ComberEmployed combing Jersey wool before spinningUK Occupation
Job CoachmanDrove a coach hired to nobility or gentry for long periodsUK Occupation
Jobber1) Dealer in goods 2) Pieceworker - paid by the job 3) In a cotton mill, a Jobber was also known as a Tackler, who maintained machineryUK Occupation
Jobbing manEmployed for a variety of small jobs or tasksScot.Occup
JobmasterSupplied horses, carriages and drivers for hireUK Occupation
JoinerA wood worker, a carpenterScot.Occup
JollierSee Potter's JollierUK Occupation
JongleurTravelling minstrelUK Occupation
jordearth, soil, landSwedish
jordebokland recordSwedish
jordfästningfuneral, burial serviceSwedish
JourneymanA tradesman who has served his trade apprenticeship and mastered his craft, not bound to serve a master, but originally hired by the day. The name derives from the French for day - jour. Also Engineer Journeyman. More Info.UK Occupation
JousterFishmonger. Female hawker of fishUK Occupation
JowterMounted pedlar of fishUK Occupation
Joyner / JoinerA skilled carpenter, capable of finer work than a plain carpenter. i.e. skilled in making joints for furniture-making. The term is still very much in common usage.UK Occupation
jungfruMiss, maiden, virginSwedish
JusticiarHead of the royal judiciary and king's viceroy in his absence abroadUK Occupation
Jute winderJute mill worker who wound the thread on weaving looms .Scot.Occup
JuvellourA JewellerUK Occupation
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