Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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la naissanceBirthFrench
Lace DrawerDrew out the threads in lace making. Frequently child labourUK Occupation
Lace RunnerEmbroidered on laceUK Occupation
Lace WomanLady's maidUK Occupation
LacemanLace dealer. Commonly bought from the weavers in their homes, normally requiring them to have used his thread, and sold it at the lace marketsUK Occupation
Lace-Master/MistressEmployed lace workers in factories or at homeUK Occupation
LademanA lademan or loadman carried and carted loads, for example at a millScot.Occup
Ladle LinerIn ore dressing, smelting, and refining, a person who repairs and re-lines pouring ladles used to transport molten metals, such as iron, steel, and copper.UK Occupation
laga år kommenof legal ageSwedish
lägersmålillicit relationsSwedish
LaggerSailorUK Occupation
lägrad kvinnawoman who has had illicit relationsSwedish
LagraetmenConstable - contraction of Law RightmanUK Occupation
LairdRural estate landowner, usually in the HighlandsScot.Occup
Lairman / LairsmanLooked after cattle during their brief stops at 'lairages', which were the areas where cattle were temporarily housed while in transit to markets.UK Occupation
Lamp ExhausterEarly 20c. Removed the air from the glass envelope of electric light bulbs. This is necessary to prevent the filament from burning up.UK Occupation
Lamplighter / LeerieEmployed by the local council to go around the streets and light the (gas) street lamps, using a pole. Also often used to wake people up for work (as a 'knocker-up')UK Occupation
LamplighterEmployed to light the gas street lamps in Victorian citiesScot.Occup
LampmanThe lampman or lamp trimmer maintained the paraffin oil lamps in a colliery, and checked the miners' safety lamps.Scot.Occup
LamptrimmerIn either Royal or Merchant Navy, originally responsible for keeping all oil lamps on the vessel in working order, later became a general assistant to the Boatswain and Storekeeper. A Petty Officer.UK Occupation
landland, countrySwedish
LanderMinerUK Occupation
landsarkivprovincial archiveSwedish
landsförsamlingrural parish of a citySwedish
Landwaiter / Landing WaiterCustoms official overseeing landed goods from ships More Info.UK Occupation
längdroll, record, bookSwedish
Lappett MakerMade machine embroidered textiles in which the design was worked intoUK Occupation
Lappit WeaverLappit or lappet is a light muslin cloths with figuring woven in a zigzag pattern on a special loom. Also lappit clipper, and ripper.Scot.Occup
LardnerKeeper of the cupboard (larder)UK Occupation
LasterShoe maker (from his use of a last)UK Occupation
LateRecently deceased.General
Lath Render / RiverSomeone who rends/rives (i.e splits) wood to form laths More InfoUK Occupation
LathsplitterPrepared thins strips of wood (laths) for nailing to walls and ceilings as a base to spread plaster overScot.Occup
Lattener/Latoner/LattensmithBrass worker. Latten was an alloy similar to brassUK Occupation
LaundressWasherwoman for clothesScot.Occup
LavenderWasherwomanUK Occupation
LawmanOfficer with magisterial powersScot.Occup
LawrightmanDetermined local weights & measures, and land taxScot.Occup
LaxfisherSalmon fisherman (from Norwegian laks)Scot.Occup
LayerPaper mill worker - at a particular processUK Occupation
LDSSee Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsColonial Diseases
le décèsDeathFrench
le mariageMarriageFrench
LeaseAAn agreement which creates a landlord tenant situation.General
Leather CurrierTanned leather by incorporating oil or greaseUK Occupation
LeavelookerExamined market foodstuffs - a sort of quality controlUK Occupation
LedererLeather maker - from GermanUK Occupation
ledigunmarried, freeSwedish
LeechPhysicianUK Occupation
LeerieA popular name for a lamplighter (qv)Scot.Occup
LegacyProperty or money left to someone in a willGeneral
LegerdemainistMagicianUK Occupation
LeggerCanal boatman. (Barges had to be 'legged' through tunnels by men lying flat on deck and 'walking' along the roof or sides of the tunnel)UK Occupation
Leghorn PresserPressed a type of straw hat known as a LeghornUK Occupation
LegislatureLawmaking branch of state or national government; elected group of lawmakers.General
LeightonwardGardner. Leighton was the term for a gardenUK Occupation
LengthsmanIn rural areas, a lengthsman was a man who took pride in keeping his district neat and tidy, well swept and free from litter. On the canals, a lengthsman was responsible for patrolling his length, looking for leaks, seeing to routine maintenance, cutting. Railway worker responsible for maintaining a length of rail track.UK Occupation
Letter CarrierThe 18c. term for a postman, started in 1722UK Occupation
Letter of ApartmentsA person who had Apartments to let - (rent)UK Occupation
levato liveSwedish
Licensed MessengerLicensed couriers who delivered messages and documents.UK Occupation
Licensed VictuallerA Tavern or Innkeeper or Publican- term still used today for someone who runs a Pub (Public House)UK Occupation
LienA claim against property as security for payment of a debt.General
LiferenterOne who has a tenancy for lifeScot.Occup
LightermanWorks (still) on lighters - flat bottomed bargesUK Occupation
lillalittle, smallSwedish
LimeburnerBurned limestone (calcium carbonate) in kilns to produce lime for farmers, quicklime for making mortar and for tanneries to remove hair from hidesUK Occupation
Lime-burnerRock lime was burned in stone kilns, then crushed and spread on farm fields.Scot.Occup
Limmer1. Thief or scoundrel 2. Artist who decorates manuscriptsScot.Occup
Limner1) Illuminator of books 2) Painter or drawerUK Occupation
lineageDirect descent from an ancestorColonial Diseases
LinealConsisting of or being in a direct line of ancestry or descendants; descended in a direct line.General
LineatorSurveyor or measurerScot.Occup
Linener / Linen DraperSold linens, calicos, flannels, blankets, sheets, sheetings, bed ticks, gloves, ribbons, fancy ties, scarves etc.UK Occupation
Liner / LynerFlax dresserUK Occupation
Linesman(Ireland) Was engaged to look after a stretch of road.UK Occupation
LinkSee measurements.General
Linkerboy / manCarried a 'link' or torch to guide people through the streets at night for hire. (Licensed in early 19c). Sometimes applied to general manservantUK Occupation
LinmanA Linman was a wholesale dealer in Flax/Hemp. The name is derived from Linen, which is made from these materialsUK Occupation
Lint dresserPrepared flax (lint) fibres ready for spinning.Scot.Occup
Lis pendensPending court action; usually applies to land title claims.General
Lister / LitsterDyerUK Occupation
litenlittle, smallSwedish
LithographerMakes printing press plates from type-set paper or filmScot.Occup
LitsterDyer of clothScot.Occup
LittermanHorse groomUK Occupation
LoadersIn the Cheshire salt industry, men who transported salt from the storage place to the canal boats (or later, railway trucks) in barrows. Highly dangerous, as they worked at high speed, and could easily fall many feet from the edge of the loading platform.UK Occupation
LoadmanA loadman or lademan carried and carted loads, for example at a millScot.Occup
Loadsman / LodesmanShip's pilot. Originally from the man 'lodesman' who piloted a ship by heaving the lode (lead) to check the depth of water. Knowledgeable of the local waters, he navigated in this mannerUK Occupation
Lobar pneumoniaPneumonia affecting one or more lobes of the lung, often due to streptococcal infectionScot.Dise 1855
Loblolly Boy1) Ship surgeon's assistant 2) Errand boyUK Occupation
Lock Keeper(Still) Maintains and operates canal locksUK Occupation
Locker1) Employed in Customs bonded warehouses as a trusted person to keep charge of the elaborate locks [known as the King's - or Queen's] Locks 2) Fed a power driven flat lock machine with knitted fabrics etc 3) Separated and graded locks of fur in the hat trade 4) Cut and folded sheet tin before feeding it into a grooving machine 5) Worker in the mining industryUK Occupation
LockjawTetanus or infectious disease affecting the muscles of the neck and jaw. Untreated, it is fatal in 8 daysMedical
LodgeA chapter or meeting hall of a fraternal organization.General
LoftersIn the Cheshire salt industry, men engaged in storing the salt in the stove house roof space, pushing the dried lumps up into the loft.UK Occupation
Logwood GrinderMade a dye from logwood for the textile industryUK Occupation
Long SicknessTuberculosisMedical
Long Song SellerStreet seller of popular printed song sheetsUK Occupation
lönskalägeillicit relations between unmarried personsSwedish
LookerSomeone employed to look after or inspect something. 'Looking' manufactured items or looking after shep.UK Occupation
Loom SweeperChild (originally) or small adult employed crawling under weaving looms to clean, whilst in operation. Dangerous workUK Occupation
Loom Winder / TenderTended winding units attached to looms that automatically wind yarn onto quills More Info.UK Occupation
LooperOperates a looping machine to close the opening in the toe of seamless hose or to join knitted garment partsUK Occupation
LorimerMaker of metal horse harnessesScot.Occup
Loriner / Lorner1) Maker of horse gear 2) Maker of small ironware 3) Wrought iron workerUK Occupation
LorrymanDriver of a lorry (heavy goods vehicle) . Term used also in the time of horse-drawn vans.Scot.Occup
LotmanA corn thresher who was paid an allowance of corn as part of his feeScot.Occup
lotssea pilotSwedish
LotsellerStreet SellerUK Occupation
Lotter1. Made up odd lots of wool and batched them for sale 2. Croft or small farm divided into lots, usually worked by sons of the crofterScot.Occup
LounA boyScot.Occup
LoyalistTory, an American colonist who supported the British side during the American Revolution.General
Lozenge CutterCut and prepared sweets (candy) or preserve. Lozenge piner ?Scot.Occup
luckagap (missing records)Swedish
Lues diseaseSyphilisMedical
Lues veneraVenereal diseaseMedical
Lum Swooper(Scottish) Chimney sweepUK Occupation
LumbagoBack painMedical
Lumbar...Connected with the back or spineScot.Dise 1855
Lumpers / Lumpmen1) Lumpers - Dock worker unloading timber for a 'Master Lumper' 2) Lumpmen/Lumpers - Makers of table salt or salt for the dairy industryUK Occupation
Lung feverPneumonia or tuberculosisMedical
Lung sicknessTuberculosisMedical
LungsAlchemist's assistant who fanned the fireUK Occupation
lungsotconsumption, tuberculosisSwedish
LurrymanDriver of a lurry - lorry or truck today. Lurry was the former spelling.UK Occupation
luteran, luterskLutheranSwedish
LuthierMade and repaired stringed instrumentsUK Occupation
Lying inTime of delivery of infantMedical
lysningslängdbanns registerSwedish
lystposted bannsSwedish
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