Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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QuakerMember of the Religious Society of Friends.General
Quarantine (Station)From 1728, some Customs officials - Quarantines - were given the responsibility of watching quarantine hulks anchored offshore to ensure nobody left them before their period of quarantine had expired on arriving from abroad.UK Occupation
QuarantineThe isolation and restriction placed on the movement of people or animals to prevent the spreading of a dangerous or contagious disease.Genealogy
Quarrel PickerGlazierUK Occupation
Quarrier / Quarry ManQuarry worker (!)UK Occupation
QuarrierWorker in stone quarryScot.Occup
Quay ClerkClerk who worked at a wharf or quay, and still does so todayUK Occupation
QuerryGroomUK Occupation
QuillerOperated machinery winding yarn onto quills or spools A quill is a reed on to which the thread of the weft was wound when weaving cloth. More Info.UK Occupation
Quilter / QuiltressQuilted materialUK Occupation
QuineA young woman (queen) - AberdeenshireScot.Occup
QuisterBleached articlesUK Occupation
QuitclaimA deed conveying the interest of the party at that time.General
QwylwryghteWheelwrightUK Occupation
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