Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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S.P.see sine proleColonial Diseases
Sachrist / SachristanPerson retained in a cathedral to copy out music for the choir, and take care of the books. One who is in charge of a sacristy. A sexton.UK Occupation
Saddle Tree MakerMade the wooden frames around which the saddle was formed with leatherUK Occupation
SaddlerOne who makes, repairs or sells saddles or other furnishings for horsesUK Occupation
SafernmanGrower of Saffron.UK Occupation
sågsaw, sawmillSwedish
Saggar Maker's Bottom KnockerMade saggars (fired clay containers used to hold ceramic items in the kiln whilst firing.) The Saggar Maker's Bottom Knocker was the saggar maker's assistant, usually a young boy, who was responsible for knocking clay into a large metal hoop using a hugeUK Occupation
sågställaresaw setterSwedish
sakna(s)miss, missingSwedish
saligthe deceased, blessedSwedish
SalinatorOne who added salt as a preservativeScot.Occup
SaloonistSaloon keeperUK Occupation
Salt BoilerObtained salt from boiling salt waterUK Occupation
Salter / SaucerMade or dealt in saltUK Occupation
Saltpetre ManCollected urine and dung, used in the manufacture of saltpetre. More Info.UK Occupation
samma städes(of) the same placeSwedish
samma(the) sameSwedish
sammanavlabeget, conceiveSwedish
samtand, together withSwedish
samtyckepermission, consent (to)Swedish
SandesmanAmbassador or messengerUK Occupation
Sandpaperersee French PolisherScot.Occup
Sanguineous crustScabMedical
Sarcinet WeaverSilk weaverUK Occupation
säterifreehold estateSwedish
SawbonesPhysicianUK Occupation
SawyerTimber mill/pit worker, sawing timberUK Occupation
Say WeaverMade 'say' - used in making table cloths bedding etc.UK Occupation
Scagliola MakerMade imitation marbleUK Occupation
ScallagPoor male or female farm servant of a tacksmanScot.Occup
Scappler/ScabblerRough-shaped stone before final dressing by a stonemasonUK Occupation
ScarlatinaScarlet feverMedical
Scarlet feverA disease characterized by red rashMedical
Scarlet rashRoseolaMedical
ScavelmanCleaned and maintained waterways and ditchesUK Occupation
Scavenger / Scaleraker1) Street cleaner 2) Scavenger - also a child employed in a spinning mill to collect loose cotton lying about the floor under machineryUK Occupation
Scavenger1. The 'scaffie' was a dustman or street sweeper 2. Worker in a jute mill picking up loose bits of material from the floorScot.Occup
scharlakansfeberscarlet feverSwedish
ScholarA child attending schoolScot.Occup
SchoolmasterPrincipal school teacherScot.Occup
SchrimpschongerArtisan carving bone, ivory, wood etc.UK Occupation
SchumackerShoemaker. Formula 1 champion driver!!!! More Info.UK Occupation
SciaticaRheumatism in the hipsMedical
ScirrhusCancerous tumorsMedical
SclaterSlater, a roof tiler with slatesScot.Occup
SclerosisThickening or hardening of a body part, eg an arteryScot.Dise 1855
Scotch Draper / ScotchmanSold goods door to door on instalment paymentsUK Occupation
ScotomyDizziness, nausea and dimness of sightMedical
ScourerWashed raw wool by hand with soap or urine before processing,Scot.Occup
ScribblerMinor or worthless authorUK Occupation
ScribeClerk - writerUK Occupation
ScriberMarked bales of cotton on the docks with weight prior to being sold by brokersUK Occupation
ScriblerA person who tends a wool/cotton-combing machine called a Scribler - the first process in carding the yarnUK Occupation
ScrimerFencing masterUK Occupation
ScrivenerScribe employed to draft contracts, prepare accounts, etcScot.Occup
Scrivener's palsyWriter's crampMedical
Scrivenor/er1) Professional or public copyist or writer 2) notary publicUK Occupation
ScrofulaTuberculosis of neck lymph glands. Progresses slowly with abscesses and pistulas develop. Young person's diseaseMedical
ScrofulosisA tuberculous infection of skin or boneScot.Dise 1855
ScrumpoxSkin disease, impetigoMedical
ScrutineerElection judgeUK Occupation
ScullermanSculled a boat, (rather than rowing it) in ports/rivers as a ferryUK Occupation
Scullery MaidFemale servant who was given the menial tasks. Girl employed to scour pots, scrub stairs, empty and clean chamber pots etcUK Occupation
ScullionMale servant who was given the menial tasksUK Occupation
ScurvyLack of vitamin C. Symptoms of weakness, spongy gums and hemorrhages under skinMedical
Scutcher/SkutcherBeat flax to extract the linen fibres. Scutching is the process of extracting linen fibres from flax stems, originally done by hand and later by machine. More Info.UK Occupation
Sea FenciblesThe Sea Fencibles were established by Order in Council in May 1798 to defend the coast from invasion; they comprised 'all such of the inhabitants of the towns and villages of Great Britain as shall voluntarily offer themselves for the defence of the coast'. They were taught to use musket, pike and cannon. They were to assist in the manning of defensive positions (Martello towers), plus coastal signal stations and eventually given small boats to patrol harbours. They were to be paid one shilling per day served. It was attractive to fishermen and the like as you were given immunity from being pressed into the Navy. They were organised into districts, commanded by Naval Officers. They grew to their maximum strength in 1810, when there were over 23,000 of them and were disbanded at the end of the wars in 1814.UK Occupation
SeafarerOne who found employment on ships - a seaman.Scot.Occup
Seal PresserGlassmaking - sealed the bath to prevent air spoiling the glass surfaceUK Occupation
SeamstressWoman who sewed, made and mended clothesScot.Occup
SearcherCustoms man (today called a rummager - self descriptive) who searched for contrabandUK Occupation
SecederMember of Secession Church which broke away in 1733.Scot.Occup
secondary recorA record created some time after the eventColonial Diseases
Secret SpringerWatch spring makerUK Occupation
SeedsmanSower or dealer in seedsUK Occupation
Seeker of the DeadDuring the Plague, old women woere employed to diagnose the Plague from the buboes and count the dead to enable the compilation of Bills of Mortality, for which they were paid from 3 to 4 pence per corpse. Risky job!UK Occupation
Self-acting Minder / Self Actor MinderWatched and minded the 'Self Acting Mule' - the name of a multi thread spinning machine. The original Mule was hand operated and was invented by Samuel Crompton of Bolton in 1779. It was made self-acting by Richard Roberts in 1830. More Info. - also see Throstle Spinner and SpinnerUK Occupation
Semi LorerMade leather thongsUK Occupation
Sempster / Sempstress / SewsterSeamstressUK Occupation
senare, (den)later, the latterSwedish
SeneschalSenior steward at the manorUK Occupation
SenilityCritical weakening and decrepitude of the body through old ageScot.Dise 1855
SepticemiaBlood poisoningMedical
sepulchre (sepulcher)A place of burial, tombColonial Diseases
SeriandA constable or bailiffScot.Occup
SeromaSwelling caused by accumulation of serum in an organ or tissueScot.Dise 1855
ServitorHousehold servant (male) ; or a lawyer's clerk or secretaryScot.Occup
ServitrixHousehold servant (female)Scot.Occup
SettmakerCutter of stones, often granite, to make cobbled streets.Scot.Occup
Sewer HunterScavenged in the sewersUK Occupation
Sewer RatBricklayer who made and repaired sewers and tunnelsUK Occupation
SewerWomen who sewed cloth into garments - clothes, gloves, etc.Scot.Occup
Sewing ClerkOversaw and collected clothing pieceworkUK Occupation
sexmanparish caretakerSwedish
sextio(nde)sixty (sixtieth)Swedish
sexton(de)sixteen (sixteenth)Swedish
SextonChurch caretaker - sometimes dug graves or rang the bellsUK Occupation
Shagreen CasemakerWorked with shagreen leatherUK Occupation
ShakerMember of a religious group formed in 1747 which practiced communal living and celibacy.General
ShakesDelirium tremensMedical
ShakingChills, agueMedical
ShalloonerSee ChalonerUK Occupation
ShampooerMasseur/masseuse in a Turkish bathsUK Occupation
ShantymanWoodman, lumbermanUK Occupation
SharecropperTenant farmer whose pay was a fixed part of the cropUK Occupation
ShearerAs today, sheared the fleece from sheepUK Occupation
Shearman / Sherman1) Skilled worker who sheared the nap from cloth - also Cropper 2) Cutter of metal.UK Occupation
Sheath MakerMade sword and dagger scabbardsUK Occupation
SheepmanShepherdUK Occupation
Shepster1) Dressmaker 2) Sheep ShearerUK Occupation
SheriffRepresentative of Royal office in a Shire. Chief officer of Crown in countyUK Occupation
ShinglerWorked with an Iron Puddler, manipulating puddled balls of iron on an anvil. Roof tiler with wooden shingles (cf slater) (but see also Iron Shingler).UK Occupation
ShinglesViral disease with skin blistersMedical
Ship feverTyphusMedical
Ship MasterShip's Captain - still used today - often also the vessel's ownerUK Occupation
Ship PlaterShipyard worker building and repairing hulls of ships with metal sheets (plates)Scot.Occup
Ship StagerStagers in a shipyard erected wooden scaffolding and platforms around a ship being built.Scot.Occup
Ship's HusbandSupplied stores for and maintained ships in dockUK Occupation
ShipwrightBuilder and repairer of shipsUK Occupation
Sho.Shopman, person employed in retail tradeScot.Occup
Shoe FinderSold cobbler's toolsUK Occupation
Shoe WiperPolished shoes - a boot-boyUK Occupation
Shoesmith1) Cobbler 2) Shoed horsesUK Occupation
Shook MakerWoodworker who specializes in the manufacturing of the thin wooden slats used on wooden shipping containers, especially on boxes used to ship fresh fruit.UK Occupation
Shot FirerEmployed blasting in quarriesUK Occupation
ShragerTrimmed and pruned treesUK Occupation
Shrieve / ShrieverSheriffUK Occupation
ShufflerFarm yardmanUK Occupation
ShunterMoved - shunted - rolling stock around in railway yards to make up, and break down, goods trainsUK Occupation
Shuttle MakerMade the wooden shuttles for the loomsUK Occupation
Shuttle Tip MakerMade the pointed steel shuttle tips and made in many different designs. A very skilled job as the tips had to withstand being hammered to make the shuttles fly through the yarns from one side of the loom to the other and had to have aerodynamic properties. Forged by hammering red-hot steelUK Occupation
siblingA brother or sisterColonial Diseases
sicso, thusLatin
Sick VisitorEmployed by Friendly Societies, who paid benefits to sick people, to ensure they were entitled to receive/continue to receive benefits.UK Occupation
SicklemanReaperUK Occupation
SidesmanChurchwarden's assistant - esp. in church servicesUK Occupation
sighimself, herself, itselfSwedish
Silk DrawerDrew silk from silk waste for spinning More Info.UK Occupation
Silk DresserPrepared the silk for weavingUK Occupation
Silk Engine TurnerWorked on automatic silk weaving loomsUK Occupation
Silk MercerSilk merchantUK Occupation
Silk PiecerJoined the broken threads in the silk spinning millsUK Occupation
Silk Staff ManProbably a worker more on a permanant rather than itinerary position.UK Occupation
Silk StewardManager of a silk weaving/spinning/winding and cleaning roomUK Occupation
Silk Thrower/ThrowsterEmployed in the silk weaving industry, twisting silk into yarnUK Occupation
Silk TwisterSilk Spinner (from the raw)UK Occupation
Silk WinderWound the silk from the silkworm cocoons onto bobbinsUK Occupation
SilkerBound the ends of the silk fabric to prevent frayingUK Occupation
SilkmanPerson engaged in the manufacture and or sale of silkUK Occupation
SimplerAgriculturalist (herbalist)UK Occupation
sin, sitt, sinahis, her, its (own)Swedish
sine prolewithout offspring, sometimes seen as D.S.P. - died sine proleColonial Diseases
Sinker MakerMade lead weights used with hosiery knitting machines, (Nottingham Area)UK Occupation
SinkerSunk shafts for miningUK Occupation
SiriasisInflammation of the brain due to sun exposureMedical
Sissor / CissorTailorUK Occupation
SizerApplied size to cloth in manufactureUK Occupation
sjelfspillanone who committed suicide (old spelling)Swedish
sjömansailor, seamanSwedish
sjuttio(nde)seventy (seventieth)Swedish
sjutton(de)seventeen (seventeenth)Swedish
skarprättareexecutioner, hangmanSwedish
skattehemmanfarm on which taxes are to be paid to the crown (government)Swedish
Skepper / SkelperBeehive maker/sellerUK Occupation
skerfvarickets or malnutritionSwedish
Skin Dresser'Dressed' - prepared animal skins for the manufacture of clothing or footwearUK Occupation
SkinksterAlehouse tapsterUK Occupation
Skinner1) Dealer in hides 2) Mule driver 3) Flayer of animal hides for leatherUK Occupation
Skip MakerMade skips (large baskets), used in mining and quarrying, for transporting product or personnelUK Occupation
SkiverUsed a knife to cut out the leather shapes which go to form a shoe or boot. More InfoUK Occupation
skottårleap yearSwedish
skrudgown (bridal)Swedish
slagen af åskanhit by lightningSwedish
släktfamily, clanSwedish
slaktaremeat cutter, butcherSwedish
släktboklineage bookSwedish
Slapper / SlaperPottery worker who prepared the clay for the potterUK Occupation
SlasherApplied size (Slasher Sizing) to the warp thread in weaving, to strengthen it and facilitate the weaving process. More Info.UK Occupation
Slate EnamellerPainted decorative slate as used in fire surrrounds etc.UK Occupation
Slate RiverWas employed to cleave blocks of quarried slate in the making of slates for roofing etc. (River pronounced as in diver)UK Occupation
SlaterRoofer with slatesUK Occupation
SlaymakerMade the reeds or slays used in weaving. Slays (wooden pegs) or reeds were used to separate the threads on the loomUK Occupation
SledmanMoved goods by sledUK Occupation
SlingerPerson who used slings for loading goods on ships, wagons etc.UK Occupation
SloesMilk sicknessMedical
Slopseller1) Slopshop keeper - readymade clothes 2) Basket sellerUK Occupation
Slubber DofferRemoved the empty bobbins from the loom spindlesUK Occupation
SlubberPrepared cotton for spinning, removing the 'slubs' or imperfections in the yarn.UK Occupation
Slubbing Frame FitterInstalled and maintained a Slubbing Frame, used in the preparation of cotton ready for spinningUK Occupation
små (plural)little, smallSwedish
SmallpoxContagious disease with fever and blistersMedical
Smallware MakerMade 'smallware' - tapes, braids, ribbons etc.UK Occupation
Smelter1) Smelt fisherman 2) Smelter in an iron foundryUK Occupation
SmiddySmith - sometimes still used as a nickname for Smith surnameUK Occupation
SmithMetal worker - see also Engine Smith, Blacksmith, Fender SmithUK Occupation
Smith's StrikerA blacksmith who wielded a hammer whilst another blacksmith held the work-piece with tongs in the right position on the anvilUK Occupation
Smoke DoctorSpecialist in the construction or repair of chimneysUK Occupation
SmugsmithSmugglerUK Occupation
Snobscat / SnobShoe repairerUK Occupation
Snuffer MakerMade candle snuffersUK Occupation
Soaper / Soper / Soap BoilerSoap MakerUK Occupation
Society of Australian GenealogistsRichmond Villa, 120 Kent Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia. A formal genealogical body offering courses and examinations leading to a Diploma in Family Historical Studies (Dip. F.H.S.)Colonial Diseases
söder (södra)south (southern)Swedish
Softening of brainResult of stroke or hemorrhage in the brain, with an end result of the tissue softening in that areaMedical
Sojourn ClothierTravelling clothes salesmanUK Occupation
somwho, which, thatSwedish
sondotterson\'s daughter, granddaughterSwedish
sonhustruson\'s wife, daughter-in-lawSwedish
Son-in-lawHusband of one's daughter.General
sonsonson\'s son, grandsonSwedish
Sore throat distemperDiphtheria or quinsyMedical
SortorTailorUK Occupation
sotdödold ageSwedish
soundexA filing system, usually for recording surnames, using one letter followed by three numbers. The Soundex system keeps together names of the same and/or similar sounds, but of variant spellings.Colonial Diseases
SouterShoe makerUK Occupation
Sp DealerEnumerators' abbreviation for a Spirit DealerUK Occupation
SpallierTin worker's assistantUK Occupation
Spanish influenzaEpidemic influenzaMedical
spannmålstorparetenant farmer, receiving part of his wages in grainSwedish
SpasmsSudden involuntary contraction of muscle or group of muscles, like a convulsionMedical
SpectionerThird mate on a whaling ship, who checked all was correctly stowed in the hold.Scot.Occup
SperviterSparrow keeperUK Occupation
SpicerSpice dealer / grocerUK Occupation
Spina bifidaDeformity of spineMedical
Spindle & Fly MakerMade the metal Spindles and Fly used in spinning machinesUK Occupation
SpinnerSpun the yarn to make cloth More Info. More Info. Spinning MuleUK Occupation
Spinster1) A woman who spins 2) unmarried womanUK Occupation
Spirit MerchantDealer in spirits, wines and aleScot.Occup
SplitterWorked a machine splitting stone, timber etc. or did so by handUK Occupation
sponsorA person who presents a candidate for baptism or confirmation and undertakes responsibility for the person's religious education or spiritual welfare. A bondsman; surety.Colonial Diseases
SpoonerSpoon makerUK Occupation
Spotted feverEither typhus or meningitisMedical
spouseA partner in marriage; one's husband or wifeColonial Diseases
spridda årintermittent yearsSwedish
Sprig MakerA weaver of fine lace sprigs applique. eg 'Honiton' Lace in DevonUK Occupation
SpriggerEmbroiderer of fine lace and muslin; see also Boot SpriggerScot.Occup
Spring SmithMade the springs (usually leaf) used in carriagesUK Occupation
SprueTropical disease characterized by intestinal disorders and sore throatMedical
SpullerInspected yarn, to see that it is well spun, and fit for the loomUK Occupation
Spurrer / SpurrierMade spursUK Occupation
SquarewrightWorker in fine furnitureScot.Occup
Squire / Esquire1) Country landed gentleman 2) Magistrate or justice of the peace 3) Knight's attendant 4) Professional manUK Occupation
St. Anthony's fireAlso erysipelas, but named so because of affected skin areas are bright red in appearanceMedical
St. Vitas danceCeaseless occurrence of rapid complex jerking movements performed involuntarilyMedical
StablerOstlerUK Occupation
Stab-ragTailor (military slang) mid 19c - also Rag-stabber (slang)UK Occupation
stadsarkivcity archivesSwedish
stadsförsamlingcity parishSwedish
Stair RailerCarpenter who carved the support rails and banisters for stairs in houses, offices and ships.Scot.Occup
StallmanMarket stall holderUK Occupation
StampmanWorked an ore-crushing machineUK Occupation
StampmasterOfficial inspector who had powers to impose fines or penalties on faulty or fraudulent manufacturing.Scot.Occup
stamtavladescendancy chartSwedish
ståndstatus, conditionSwedish
ståndspersonperson of social standingSwedish
stärbhusdeath estateSwedish
StarcherLaundry worker stiffening shirts and other garments with hot starch in a tumbling machine. Also clear starcher.Scot.Occup
statare, statdrängfarm laborerSwedish
Station MasterRailway employee in charge of stationScot.Occup
Stationary Engine DriverOperated steam factory engine, used for all processes, usually linked by a system of shafts, pulleys and beltsUK Occupation
Stationary EngineerMaintained the factory steam engine and machineryUK Occupation
StationerSeller of paper, books and writing implements (i.e. stationery).Scot.Occup
StatistPoliticianUK Occupation
stattorparefarm laborer, usually marriedSwedish
StaymakerCorset makerUK Occupation
Steam Hammer DriverOperated a large steam-operated hammer to forge iron and steel. Invented in Manchester in 1837 by George NaismithUK Occupation
SteeplejackWorked on steeples, chimneys, flagpoles etc - still existsUK Occupation
SteersmanShip's helmsmanUK Occupation
StencillerItinerant tradesmen who travelled around decorating the interior walls of houses with stencils to avoid the prohibitive cost of wallpaperUK Occupation
StenosisAbnormal narrowing , a stricture , of a blood vessel or other tube such as the urethra.Scot.Dise 1855
stenpassiongallbladder diseaseSwedish
StentererWorked a cloth finishing machineUK Occupation
Step BoyHelped passengers on and off coachesUK Occupation
Step-brother / step-sisterChild of one's step-father or step-mother.General
stepbrotherA person's stepparent's son by a former marriageColonial Diseases
Step-childChild of one's husband or wife from a previous marriage.General
stepchildThe child of a person's spouse by a previous marriage; stepdaughter or stepsonColonial Diseases
stepdaughterA person's stepparent's daughter by a former marriageColonial Diseases
Step-fatherHusband of one's mother by a later marriage.General
Step-motherWife of one's father by a later marriage.General
stepparentThe person who has married one's parent after the death or divorce of the other parent's stepmother or stepfatherColonial Diseases
sterbhusa family or house where the master or mistress of the house is deadSwedish
StereotyperPrinting plate maker of stereotype metal plates. (See also electrotyper)Scot.Occup
StevedoreDock worker loading and unloading ships cargoScot.Occup
StewardChief servant of household of royal or noble familyScot.Occup
Stick MakerMade walking sticksUK Occupation
Stick MounterDecorated walking sticks with silver, gold, bone or ivory mountingsUK Occupation
Still Room MaidWorked in the Still-Room in a large Victorian household, answerable to both the housekeeper and the cook, where she would concoct the kitchen cleaners, soaps, candles and cosmetics for the lady of the house. It also housed the jams pickles etc. that the cook would makeUK Occupation
StillmanWorker in whisky distillery in charge of operating the copper stillScot.Occup
Stillroom MaidFemale servant who worked in the still room, preparing wines, jams, pickles.Scot.Occup
Stock TurnerTurned the wooden stocks used in gunsUK Occupation
StockingerKnitter, weaver or seller of stockingsUK Occupation
stoftmortal remains, or ashesSwedish
Stoker - Refuse DestructorFed refuse to an incineratorUK Occupation
StokerTended to and fed coal to boilers in mills and aboard shipUK Occupation
StomatitisInflammation of the mouthMedical
Stone Blue MakerMaker of Bristol Blue glassware - SeeUK Occupation
Stone DresserPrepared quarried stone for building. This would include cutting it into regular sized blocks with a reasonably even surfaceUK Occupation
Stone GetterStone-face quarry worker - SeeUK Occupation
Stone Hewer1. A miner who drilled holes in the coal face prior to dynamiting. 2. A sculptor or mason in stone.Scot.Occup
Stone PickerRemoved stones from fields before plantingUK Occupation
Stoneman / StonewardenHighway surveyorUK Occupation
stor, stort, storalarge, big, greatSwedish
Stover / Stever/ StaverThe senior member of a partnership of miners and in charge at the surfaceUK Occupation
StowyerStowed nets on fishing boatsUK Occupation
straffarbetehard laborSwedish
Stranger's feverYellow feverMedical
StranguryPainful, interrupted urination caused by spasms of the bladder or urethraMedical
StravaigerVagrantUK Occupation
Straw JoinerThatcher (of roofs)UK Occupation
Straw PlaiterPlaited straw for use in hat-makingUK Occupation
Strawman(16/17c) Hired to give false evidence for the prosecution in CourtUK Occupation
straxright away, immediatelySwedish
StreakerLaid out bodies for burialUK Occupation
Street Orderly/BoyStreet cleanerUK Occupation
Stretcher / TenterStretched fabrics after weaving on a frame with hooks - origin of saying 'on tenterhooks'UK Occupation
StricklerSkimmed off the scum from molten iron in a mouldUK Occupation
Striker / Stryker1) Blacksmith's assistant 2) Harpoon man on a whalerUK Occupation
StringerMade bowstringsUK Occupation
StripperCleaned the carding machines in millsUK Occupation
Stroller1) A vagabond, vagrant; an itinerant beggar or pedlar 2) An itinerant actor; a strolling playerUK Occupation
Stuff GownsmanJunior barristerUK Occupation
Stuff PresserPlaced the cloth within sheets of special stiff press paper and passed it into a hot-pressing machine which gave the finish to the clothUK Occupation
Stuff WeaverWove 'stuff' - a coarse cloth, more especially of worsted, made of long or ‘combing wool’ distinguished from other woollen cloths by the absence of any nap or pileUK Occupation
stugacottage, houseSwedish
stumdumb, muteSwedish
stupato be killed in warSwedish
styrmanmate, on shipSwedish
SucksmithMade PloughsharesUK Occupation
Sudor anglicus Sweating sicknessMedical
Sugar Baker1) Sugar Refiner 2) Made confectionery or cake decorationsUK Occupation
Summer complaintDiarrhea, usually in infants caused by spoiled milkMedical
SumnerSummoner or ApparitorUK Occupation
SumpterPorterUK Occupation
SunstrokeUncontrolled elevation of body temperature due to environment heat. Lack of sodium in the body is a predisposing causeMedical
SupercargoOfficer on a chartered merchant ship who is in charge of cargo and the commercial concerns of the ship (on behalf of the charterers) - Still in useUK Occupation
SurfacemanA Roadworker. Laid and repaired surface of road or railway, or mine passageUK Occupation
SurnameA person's family name or last name.Genealogy
Surveyor of taxesResponsible for calculating and levying taxes on property and possessionsScot.Occup
SutlerMerchant or peddler in an army campUK Occupation
svaghetweakness, feeblenessSwedish
svenyoung man, apprenticeSwedish
svullnadswelling, bloatingSwedish
SwabberSeaman (slang)UK Occupation
Swailer1) Miller 2) Grain dealerUK Occupation
SwainHerdsmanUK Occupation
Swaith MakerA Swaith / Swathe was (usually) a cotton or silk shroud used for burialUK Occupation
Swamp sicknessCould be malaria, typhoid or encephalitisMedical
Sweating sicknessInfectious and fatal disease common to UK in 15th CenturyMedical
SweepChimneysweepUK Occupation
Swell MakerMade shallow basketsUK Occupation
SwillerA basket weaver/maker - an old Cumberland nameUK Occupation
Swineyard / SwineherdPig KeeperUK Occupation
SwinglerBeat flax to remove the coarse partsUK Occupation
Sword CutlerMade swordsUK Occupation
Sword slipperMaker of sword sheathsScot.Occup
SyncopeFainting, a temporary loss of consciousness due to a drop in blood flow to the brainScot.Dise 1855
syskonbarnnephew(s), niece(s), cousin(s)Swedish
sysslingsecond cousin, tremänningSwedish
SystematicallyHow something is done following step-by-step procedures.Genealogy
systerdotterniece, sister\'s daughterSwedish
systersonnephew, sister\'s sonSwedish
sytingperson receiving support after giving his estate to anotherSwedish
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