Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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TabernariusTavern or innkeeper - from the LatinUK Occupation
Tabes mesentericaType of tuberculosis of the lymph glandsScot.Dise 1855
TablerBoarding House keeperUK Occupation
TacklerOverlooker of weaving shed workersUK Occupation
TacksmanSuperior farm tenant with a lease or tack on one or more farms.Scot.Occup
Taker Off / InUnhitched coal tubs from an endless rope system - usually childrenUK Occupation
Tallow ChandlerCandle maker/sellerUK Occupation
Tally ClerkAs today, tallied goods into and out of warehouses, ships etc.UK Occupation
Tallyman / Tally Fellow1) Sold goods on instalment plan. 2) Local official who tallied the allowed number of persons in a dwelling for health reasons - usually 3 adults and four childrenUK Occupation
Tambour WorkerWorked with embroidery on a (circular) Tambour FrameUK Occupation
TambourerEmbroiderer using hoops to hold the clothScot.Occup
Tan Bark StripperCollected tree bark used for tanning leatherUK Occupation
TannerTanned (cured) animal hides for leather making. Still used. More Info.UK Occupation
Tanner's BeamsmanDraped part-cured skins over a Tanners Beam, a flat slab of wood or stone, to scrape off the remaining flesh, fat and hairUK Occupation
Taper WeaverMade candle wicksUK Occupation
Tapiter / TapicerWeaver of figured cloth or tapestryUK Occupation
TapleyPut the taps in ale casksUK Occupation
TapsmanHead servant in chargeScot.Occup
TapsterBarman / womanUK Occupation
Tar BoyApplied tar (antiseptic) to sheep when nicked by shearersUK Occupation
tärande sjukdompneumonia, consumptionSwedish
TaskerReaperUK Occupation
TasselerMade tassels for furnishingsUK Occupation
TavernerInnkeeperUK Occupation
Tawer / TawyerMade white leatherUK Occupation
Teamster / Teamer / Teamer ManDriver of a team horses used for haulingUK Occupation
TearerAssisted a cloth printer in a print mill . Usually a youngster.Scot.Occup
Teemer1) Emptied grain brought by cart 2) Poured molten steel into mouldsUK Occupation
Teerer/Tierer/Tier BoySpread a fresh surface of colour on the printer's 'pad' each time he used it to print calicoUK Occupation
TeizerRemoved slag from molten glass (18c glass industry)UK Occupation
TenementerTenant of dwelling in large town building (tenement)Scot.Occup
Tenter / Tenterer1) Tenterer - Someone who, after cloth was dyed, stretched it on a frame, called a 'Tent' for drying . This frame was fitted with hooks known as 'Tenterhooks' - about which we all know! Photo (1950) 2) The term was also used for a person who looked afterUK Occupation
TenterMechanic who tended and repaired apparatus, for example weaving power looms.Scot.Occup
TerritoryArea of land owned by a country, not a state or province,but having its own legislature and governor.General
testamentThe act by which a person determines the disposition of his or her property after deathColonial Diseases
TestamentaryPertaining to a will.General
testateAdjective, having left a valid will. When he has died testate, or leaving a will that has been probated, the property passes by devise to the person or persons so designated in the will.Colonial Diseases
testatorA person who dies leaving a will or testament in forceColonial Diseases
TetanusInfectious fever characterized by high fever, headache and dizzinessMedical
TextorWeaverUK Occupation
Thacker / ThatcherRoof thatcher, using straw or, more usually, reedsUK Occupation
ThatcherRoofer working with natural cut reeds or heather thatchScot.Occup
TheemakerShoemakerUK Occupation
ThirdboroughUnder-constableUK Occupation
Thong Maker(No not those thongs!). A maker of leather whips and thongs.Scot.Occup
ThresherSeparated chaff from grainUK Occupation
ThrombosisBlood clot inside blood vesselMedical
Throstle SpinnerAttended a spinning machine known as a Throstle, due to the noise it made, which resembled a lark, or throstle. The machine was used for the continuous spinning of cotton (or wool) simultaneously onto long rows of, perhaps 300 or 400, pirns or bobbins.UK Occupation
Throwster / ThrowerTextile worker attending machine which twisted together strands of fibre into yarn - cotton, silk, wool etc.UK Occupation
ThrushChildhood disease characterized by spots on mouth, lips and throatMedical
Tick feverRocky mountain spotted feverMedical
Tick makerUpholstererScot.Occup
Ticket PorterPorter wearing badges, or 'tickets', licensed by the City of London to carry goods, as well as documents and messages. They could be found in the streets and hired when neededUK Occupation
Tickneyman / womanTravelling earthenware sellerUK Occupation
Tide Gauger / SurveyorMonitored the state of the tidesUK Occupation
Tide Waiter / TidesmanCustoms inspector who boarded ship on arrival to enforce customs regulationsUK Occupation
TidewaiterCustomhouse officer who secured payment of duty from merchant vessels coming in to portScot.Occup
TigerLiveried pageboy / groomUK Occupation
TilerWorked with roof and floor tilesUK Occupation
TillerFarmerUK Occupation
TillmanPloughmanUK Occupation
tillstånddispensation, permissionSwedish
TimekeeperA person responsible for making sure things happened on time e.g. workerUK Occupation
TimelineA table outlining the schedule of events for successive years within a particular historical period.Genealogy
Times IronerServant who literally ironed The Times newspaper!UK Occupation
timmermancarpenter, builderSwedish
TimoneerA ship's helmsman (from French, timonier)UK Occupation
Tin DresserProcessed tin ore.UK Occupation
Tin StreamerRecovered tin ore by means of 'panning', as in gold panning, from rivers and streamsUK Occupation
TinctorDyerUK Occupation
tingslagjudicial district, assize divisionSwedish
TinkerAn itinerant tin pot and pan seller, repairman / knife sharpener - also IgglerUK Occupation
Tinner1) Tin miner 2) TinsmithUK Occupation
TinsmithWorked with tinUK Occupation
Tinter / TeinterArtists who tinted photographs before colour was availableUK Occupation
tio(nde)ten (tenth)Swedish
tiondetenth, tithingSwedish
tiondeboktithing recordSwedish
TipperTipped arrows etc. with metalUK Occupation
TipplerAlehouse keeper - It was also the name for an outside 'toilet'!! (hole in the ground!)UK Occupation
Tipstaff1) Court official 2) PolicemanUK Occupation
Tirewoman1) Female dresser - esp. theatrical 2) Milliner 3) HairdresserUK Occupation
titheA tenth part of something paid as a voluntary contribution or as a tax especially for the support of a religious establishmentColonial Diseases
TixtorWeaverUK Occupation
tjänstservice, employmentSwedish
tjugoen, tjugoetttwenty-oneSwedish
tjugofem(te)twenty-five (twenty-fifth)Swedish
tjugonio (nde)twenty-nine (twenty-ninth)Swedish
tjugosju(nde)twenty-seven (twenty-seventh)Swedish
Tobacco SpinnerMade cigarsUK Occupation
TodhunterEmployed by the parish to hunt foxesUK Occupation
TodmanMan employed to kill foxes (tods) on an estateScot.Occup
Toe RagWorked in the docks as a corn porterUK Occupation
Toilinet Maker / KnotterMade 'toilinet' - a kind of quilting - The knotter made the knots at the edgesUK Occupation
Toller / Tollie / Tollman / Tollgate KeeperCollected road tolls at a Toll Gate/HouseUK Occupation
TonsorBarber - from LatinUK Occupation
Tool HelverTool handle makerUK Occupation
Top SawyerUpper man in a sawpit - using a long two-man sawUK Occupation
TopmanSeaman - worked in the 'tops' (aloft) on sailing shipsUK Occupation
TopperA seamstress, for example, of shirtsScot.Occup
TopsmanHead cattle droverUK Occupation
torparecrofter, cottagerSwedish
ToryLoyalist; one who supported the British side in the American Revolution.General
TosherScratched a living by scavenging the Victorian sewersUK Occupation
TotenscheinsDeath recordGermany
Touch holerWorked in gun makingUK Occupation
Tow Card MakerMade 'tow cards' used in weaving millsUK Occupation
Town ChamberlainLooked after a town's affairsUK Occupation
Town Crier'Cried' public announcements and used a bell to get attentionUK Occupation
Town HusbandCollected dues from fathers of illegitimate children of the parish for their upkeepUK Occupation
TownshipA division of U.S. public land that contained 36 sections, or 36 square miles. Also a subdivision of the county in many Northeastern and Midwestern states of the U.S.General
TownsmanCommercial travellerUK Occupation
TownswaiterCustoms manUK Occupation
TowsmanMan in charge of the halyards on a fishing boatScot.Occup
Toxemia of pregnancyEclampsiaMedical
TozerWorked in the mills 'tosing' (teasing) the clothUK Occupation
Trace Maker/TracerWorked in a draughting office, copying engineering diagrams, using tracing paper. In the days before photocopying, plans and diagrams for mining and manufacturing industries were copied by hand. It required accuracy, patience and a knack for using the pen without producing ink blotsUK Occupation
Trace-boyRemoved the tack, harness and traces from working horseScot.Occup
TraditionThe handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, genealogies, etc. from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth.General
TrammerYoung mineworkerUK Occupation
TramplerLawyerUK Occupation
TranqueterMade barrel hoopsUK Occupation
TranscribeTo make a copy in writing.General
TranslatorIn the shoe trade - a person who translates or remakes old shoe parts into a new shoe. i.e. a cobblerUK Occupation
TranterPeddler, often hiring himself out with his horse and cartUK Occupation
TrapperOpened and shut doors for minersUK Occupation
Traveller1) A Gypsy 2) Travelling salesmanUK Occupation
TraversToll bridge collectorUK Occupation
tre (tredje)three (third)Swedish
Treen MakerMade wooden domestic goodsUK Occupation
Treenail MakerMade 'treenails' - long wooden pins used in shipbuildingUK Occupation
tremänningsecond cousinSwedish
Trench mouthPainful ulcers found along gum line. Caused by poor nutrition and poor hygieneMedical
Trencher MakerMade wooden 'trenchers' - platters for serving or cutting foodUK Occupation
TrenchermanCookUK Occupation
trettioen, trettioettthirty-oneSwedish
tretton(de)thirteen (thirteenth)Swedish
Trimmer1) Ship's crewman who trimmed coal in ship's bunkers 2) Dockworker who trimmed grain or bulk cargo in ship's hold to spread it out evenlyUK Occupation
TroacherPeddlerUK Occupation
trolovadebetrothed, engagedSwedish
TronerOfficial weigher in marketsUK Occupation
trosbekännelsedeclaration of faith (religion)Swedish
Trouchman / TruchmanInterpreterUK Occupation
TrouncerDrayman's assistant (Brewers)UK Occupation
TroverSmugglerUK Occupation
TruchmanInterpreterUK Occupation
Trugger / Trug makerMade 'trugs' - shallow basketsUK Occupation
TrusserHay baler - made up hay trussesUK Occupation
trusteeA natural or legal person to whom property is legally committed to be administered for the benefit of a beneficiary.Colonial Diseases
TubberMade tubs and barrels - a cooperUK Occupation
TubedrawerMade tubesUK Occupation
Tubman1) English barrister 2) Court official 3) Filled tubs in a coalmineUK Occupation
TuckerCleaned cloth goodsUK Occupation
Tucker-inChambermaid who tucked in the bed-clothingUK Occupation
Turkey Red DyerTurkey Red from madder root was used to dye cotton cloth ( United Turkey Red Co.Ltd. Alexandria )Scot.Occup
TurncockWorked for the local water company, opening and closing the water supply. He also had to inform householders that their water was being turned off.UK Occupation
Turner1) Lathe worker 2) Gymnast esp. street performers 3) In the Potteries; Turns the dried clay ware to the required outline before firingUK Occupation
Turning BoyWeaver's assistant - turned the loom barUK Occupation
TurnkeyJailerUK Occupation
Turnpike KeeperCollected road tollsUK Occupation
TurnspitBoy who turned the spit handle, roasting meat. (Medieval)UK Occupation
Tussis convulsivaWhooping coughMedical
två hundra(de)two hundred (two-hundredth)Swedish
tvinsotwithering from multiple causesSwedish
Tweeny / TweenieMaid employed 'between the stairs' assisting cook and housemaidsUK Occupation
TwillerProduced a raised diagonal rib appearance in fabricUK Occupation
Twine SpinnerEngaged in ropemaking by hand.UK Occupation
Twist HandUsed a lace-making machineUK Occupation
Twister / TwistererWorked a machine twisting the yarns or threads Ring Frame TwisterUK Occupation
TympanitisInfection of the inner ear membraneScot.Dise 1855
Type-founderPrinter who set out individual letters on printing blocksScot.Occup
TyphusInfectious fever characterized high fever, headache, and DizzinessMedical
TyresmithBlacksmith who specilised in making the iron bands (tyres) around wooden cart wheels before the introduction of rubber, later pneumatic tyres.UK Occupation
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