Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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VabsterA weaverScot.Occup
VacherHerdsmanUK Occupation
vådeligenviolently (usually an accidental death)Swedish
välborenof noble birthSwedish
ValetGentleman's personal male servantUK Occupation
välfrejdad (abbrev. good reputationSwedish
vallonWalloon, for more see: Vallons in SwedenSwedish
ValuatorValuerUK Occupation
VamperMade up the upper part of a boot or shoe covering the instep and sometimes extending over the toeUK Occupation
vandelconduct, habits, way of lifeSwedish
VanmanDriver of a light commercial or delivery vehicle, such as a bread vanScot.Occup
vapencoat of arms, weaponSwedish
vareach, everyoneSwedish
vårour, springSwedish
varato beSwedish
värkache, dull painSwedish
värnpliktmilitary serviceSwedish
Vascular...Associated with the blood vesselsScot.Dise 1855
VassalLowest order of servantUK Occupation
väster (västra)west (western)Swedish
Vatman1) Worked with vats in wine & beer making 2) Put pulp into moulds for paper-makingUK Occupation
vattenkopporchicken poxSwedish
vattusot, vattensotedema, dropsySwedish
Venator / VenurHuntsmanUK Occupation
venerisk sjukdomvenereal diseaseSwedish
VerbatimWord for word; in the same words, verbally.General
Verbi Dei Minister (V.D.M.)minister of the word of GodLatin
VerdererOfficial in charge of the Royal ForestsUK Occupation
Verge MakerMade spindles for watch and clock-makingUK Occupation
VergerPriest's or Vicar's assistantUK Occupation
verkfactory, millSwedish
Vermin TrapperEmployed to trap and kill rats, mice, foxes, moles, as pests.Scot.Occup
VerrierGlazier - from FrenchUK Occupation
VestiarusKeeper of the wardrobeScot.Occup
Vestment MakerMade vestments for the clergyUK Occupation
VicemanA smith who works at the vice instead of the anvilUK Occupation
Victualler1) A tavern keeper - see Licensed Victualler. 2) Provided army, navy, or merchant ships with food suppliesUK Occupation
vidat, on, close to, bySwedish
videlicet (viz, vizt)namelyLatin
ViewerManager in the minesUK Occupation
vigd, vigda, vigdemarriedSwedish
vigselmarriage ceremonySwedish
vigselbokmarriage bookSwedish
vigsellängdmarriage recordSwedish
viljato want, willSwedish
vilken, vilket, vilkawho, which, thatSwedish
VilleinPaid dues to Lord of the manor for land useUK Occupation
VintagerGrape grower; wine makerUK Occupation
Vintner / VinterWine merchantUK Occupation
VintnerWine merchantScot.Occup
Violin string makerMade 'catgut' violin strings. More Info.UK Occupation
Viper's danceSt. Vitus DanceMedical
Virginal PlayerPlayed the virginal - similar to a harpsichordUK Occupation
Vital statisticsData dealing with birth, death, marriage or divorce.General
viz.namely, that is to say, as follows, to wit, abbreviation for 'videlicet' (medieval latin).Legal
VocalistA singerUK Occupation
Vtal recordsRecords of birth, death, marriage or divorce.General
VulcanBlacksmithUK Occupation
Vulcanite Comb MakerRubber worker making hard (vulcanite) combs for the textile industry, for combing wool etc.Scot.Occup
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