Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Glossary of Old Terms

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Yankee manMan who operated the Yankee cloth-cropping machine introduced from America, used in wool manufacture in the Borders.Scot.Occup
Yardman1) Farm worker 2) Railway worker in goods or engine yardsUK Occupation
Yarn bleacherBleacher of textile fibres, such as flaxScot.Occup
Yarn dresserPreparer of fibres . See also flax dresserScot.Occup
Yarn twisterTwisted fibres, such as silk, into thread or yarnScot.Occup
Yarn warperSet up the warp (thread) on looms ready for weavingScot.Occup
YatmanGatekeeperUK Occupation
YaugerPedlar who traded in local fish and produce (Shetland Islands).Scot.Occup
YearmanMan contracted for a yearUK Occupation
YellowjacketYellow feverMedical
Yeoman1) Farmer who owns his own land rather than a tenant farmer; qualified to serve on juries and vote for shire representatives. More Info. Also See. 2) Assistant to an official. 3) Crewmember (Navy petty officer) in charge of ship's stores.UK Occupation
ynglingyoung man, boySwedish
yrkeprofession, occupationSwedish
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