Guysborough County Genealogy

Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada

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This project is very much a joint effort.
The Listings, Obituaries & Photographs
are very kindly provided by
Maureen Brown and Patsy Lumsden.
In the past,
Karen Farmer was responsible for doing the HTML coding
to bring this site to the 'net.

As of October, 1999,
Patsy Lumsden was responsible for maintaining this site.
Patsy waa also the co-ordinator of the
Guysborough County GenWeb Project,
where you may find some more information
to help you in your search. Please visit!!. Patsy has past on.

Barry Potter now maintains this site

Karen did an excellent job in creating and maintaining this site
Thank you for all your work, Karen!!!

Maureen has much more information on many
of the family lines for the individuals listed -
and would be happy to share it with anyone who contacts her.

Anywhere that you see the camera, Camera
click on it to see a photograph.

Clicking on Newspaper will take you to an obituary
for the person whose name it is beside.

Miscellaneous Obituaries
Includes obituaries for persons buried in cemeteries that have not been compiled yet
for persons born in Guysborough County but are buried elsewhere.

Miscellaneous Obituaries

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