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Silver, Floyd b. 1896
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 13:22:06 -0300
From: "Silver"
Subject: Re: [Guysborough Co NS] Silver Family and Relatives in the Fishing Industry.

My father, Floyd Silver, born December 21, 1896, in Goldboro, N. S. engaged in many different types of work during his lifetime of 71 years. Many Guys. Co. families are/were related to the Silvers. Also many residents of our area engaged in various occupations, with probably the main occupations being related to Fishing, Mining and Forestry. My father worked in all three of the industries mentioned above plus serving in the military ( WW I ), working in a factory manufacturing weapons and ammunitions, WW II, trapping, etc. My mother, Mary (Layton) Silver, born June 21, 1901, in Great Village, Col. Co. N. S., worked as a Homemaker and a School Teacher.
It would be interesting if members of this Mailing list would comment on their families' relationship to the Silver Family and outline the various industries, occupations, etc. that their parents engaged in during their working lifetime.
I know that the Davidsons, Burkes, Clarkes, Langleys, Manthornes, Giffins, Cookes, etc. are related to the Silvers in various ways.
Looking forward to a variety of comments and as a last thought, it would be interesting to know who was and when the 1st person of your Family Name settled in Guysborough Co. In respect of the Silver's it was John Frederick Silver and as far as we can determine, it was in 1839. He and his family moved from Dublin Shore, Lunenburg Co.
Thank You,
Malcolm Silver,
Dartmouth/Goldboro, N. S.
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